2015 Cadillac SRX: A Great Crossover SUV

2015 Cadillac SRX

As a true Cadillac the SRX is a great crossover SUV and the little brother to the Escalade that sets the tone for all luxury SUVs to try and sound off to. Because not everyone is looking for an SUV that has the bulk of the Escalade and the sales numbers support the fact that smaller SUV’s are more popular than larger ones for the size, performance, handling and ease of use. For those reasons the SRX is entering its fifth year of existence in a class with the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK.

The SRX offers a much more comfortable ride and interior than its competition as well as a very powerful V6. Even though it isn’t as athletic looking as the competitors the SRX has many more luxury features than any of the others allowing the SRX to show off as why Cadillac is still the luxury leader of the world and even has the best in the luxury crossover SUV class. For 2015 the SRX adds a few new colors to choose from as well as the addition of 4G LTE with a built in Wi-Fi hotspot integrated in the OnStar system.

Offering an exceptional balance between power, agility, and ride comfort the SRX shows off with performance and riding enjoyment that is unmatched. Easily capable of handling any curves as well as city traffic the SRX is controlled with a highly responsive steering system that easily maneuvers through any traffic as well as a highly-tuned suspension that makes the vehicle handle the road imperfections easily. Cadillac Sacramento Valley tells us that, as expected from a Cadillac, the cabin of the SRX offers a very enjoyable and quiet environment that is created by the use of advanced insulation and a seriously high performing noise cancelling system.

The SRX only offers one engine to power this beautiful luxury SUV, but it’s a really great engine. This engine is a 3.6-liter directly injected V6 that offers a very nice 308 horsepower and 265 lb.-ft. of torque that is much better than most of the competition in this class. The fuel efficiency can be slightly improved when using the Eco mode for the SRX and unlike many other luxury vehicles the engine does not require premium gasoline to operate. This engine is matched up with a six-speed automatic transmission that allows the vehicle to gain fuel efficiency numbers of 17 city/24 hwy mpg for the front-wheel drive models and 16 city/23 hwy mpg for the all-wheel drive version. The SRX has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds that allows for a decent amount of fun items to travel to the lake or campsite with the vehicle.

The interior of the SRX is completely modernized with a huge amount of high tech features to enjoy starting with the CUE infotainment system powered by the eight-inch display screen that allows the driver to navigate or provide entertainment with ease. A two-toned appearance is available for the SRX allowing serious luxury views from the inside out. The materials used are all high-class and comfortable to the touch, wrapping occupants in luxury and style. There is room in every seat for full-sized adults to ride in comfort and style and the cargo space while not the largest in the class is roomy enough for travel and shopping as well as carrying whatever is needed. The UltraView sunroof adds an airy feel and once again adds a luxurious feel of style and wonderment as passengers can enjoy the sky scape as it rolls by.

On the outside the SRX is very athletic in its stance. It actually resembles a large cat ready to pounce on its prey, which is fitting as this great luxury SUV has pounced ahead of its competition easily. The front grill offers a classic Cadillac style with the horizontal vents and emblem in place while being flanked by two sharp looking HID headlights that begin the journey of excellence across this awesome SUV. The hood angles nicely to the roof and the roof slopes back to create a feeling of some aerodynamics. The side panels show off a high line and excellent curve that make the SRX one that any owner will gladly park in their driveway. The wheels mimic the ones found on big brother, the Escalade, in spoke style and come in either 18 or 20-inch sizes.

The standard features offered for the SRX include an eight-speaker Bose sound system with dual USB inputs and Bluetooth streaming, dual-zone automatic climate control and leatherette upholstery for the base model. The Luxury trim brings in real leather, a panoramic sunroof, a power lift gate, a rearview camera, keyless entry and blind spot monitoring. At the top end the Premium trim adds a ten-speaker Bose audio system, a navigation system, a ventilated driver’s seat and lane departure warnings. No matter which trim level is chosen, the SRX has luxury features that greatly outweigh its direct competition.

The optional features offered for the SRX include a Driver Assist Package that includes automatic braking and adaptive cruise control, a dual screen rear seat entertainment system with wireless headphones, a safety seat alert that vibrates the driver seat when there is the potential for a collision, and a pet cargo partition to allow owners to bring their pets along and keep them secured in the rear of the vehicle. The optional features list isn’t extensive at all, mostly because the SRX comes loaded with great features on each trim level, leaving only room for a few extras.

At the base model the 2015 Cadillac SRX starts out with a price tag just over $38,500. When opting for a fully loaded model with all options the price will increase to as much as $50,000 which comes in slightly higher than much of the competition but offers more features to enjoy. When searching for the best in a luxury SUV, look no further than the Cadillac SRX, it has everything anyone could want and more to really offer a great driving experience.

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