When will we see the Bolt?

Chevrolet Bolt

GM has announced the production of its all electric Bolt concept car will begin and be ready to be released in 2017 as part of the model line for 2018. For those who have seen the design of the Bolt, it appears to be along the same lines as the Sonic or Spark as a small, cute and cartoon-shaped hatchback that looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive, especially for young students and early year professionals. The Bolt shows up for the production lines with a fun and funky attitude and the fact it is all electric will be one of the largest selling points.

The Bolt, other than just being a green car by being powered by electricity only is a tall, five door hatchback that will be a little longer than the i3 and built based on the next version of the Sonic. The goal is to have a range of 200 miles on a single charge and offer the Bolt with a price that is somewhat affordable, especially in the world of all electric cars, which is expected to come in around $37,500. The expectation is the Bolt will offer a few different powertrains to enjoy and may even rely on owners figuring out how to drive the car in the most efficient manner possible, but like many other electric cars, the Bolt will be a great car for those who live and work in the city.

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Luxury and Performance Combine for the 2015 Jaguar XJ Series

2015 Jaguar XJ Series

Are you tired of the same looking luxury models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW? Year after year they seem to show up with a look that has (to their credit) withstood the test of time, but how about something else in this class that is better in some ways and offers a very unique look to it. The new Jaguar XJ is such a car with a look all its own and carrying a badge that has been the envy of many manufacturers for several years. The XJ features the comfort you want in a luxury car, especially if you choose the longer wheelbase of the XJR.

The reputation for Jaguar has been a lack of reliability and ride quality for many years and even though they haven’t entirely closed the gap, they sure have made some huge strides and the XJ now offers a performance that will have you loving the Jaguar and forgetting all about the other guys. Sitting in the leather wrapped interior of the car shows off a full panoramic view of some great features and equipment that will make this car stand out in your mind and give you all the information you could want to drive it wherever you choose.

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Lookalike Battle: Toyota 2000GT vs Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona

Ferrari 365 Daytona

There are a lot of cars out there that look very similar. Design parody has become commonplace; perhaps it always has been. One of the most fun comparisons between similar vehicles takes us back to the late 60s and early 70s when the Toyota 2000GT and the Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona.

Don’t get me wrong – they aren’t that similar in appearance, but it was clear that the up-and-coming Japanese automaker took some fundamental design concepts from Ferrari to make their entry into the sports car segment.

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Who Loves a 1960’s Muscle Car?

Ford Torino GT

The now considered “Golden Age” of muscle cars brought us some of the meanest and most enjoyable machines ever to ride on the roads of this great country. With the popularity among not just younger crowds, but also more mature and experienced auto shoppers the age of muscle cars was born in the 1960’s and gave us at least one model from each and every manufacturer to compete with the rest.

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Who is Revolutionizing AWD Systems?

Ford Focus RS AWD

Starting this discussion we have to look at what automakers have the greatest reputation for their AWD systems and the first name that comes to mind is Subaru. As the king of AWD systems, Subaru puts them in just about every model they build. Of course there is Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all with great AWD systems in the luxury class, but so many of us are unable to shop in the luxury realm that these don’t affect us at all. What might not be expected is a dynamic and new AWD system to be found from one of America’s Big Three, Ford.

Yes, Ford has created an AWD system that will blow the minds of Subaru and the luxury makers and the idea is actually a very simple one. The shocking part is not really that it comes from Ford; they did create a truck with an all-aluminum body after all, but that it’s found in one of the most popular cars on the market, the Ford Focus. While the Focus is highly popular, a majority of them are daily commuter cars, but the Ford Focus RS shows us that that engineers and designers at Ford know how to have some fun too.

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A Ford F-150 Raptor, Done Shelby Style

Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor

For serious truck power you might consider moving up from the F-150 to the Raptor version to gain some amazing performance and power improvements. A truck of this caliber offers the style of a rugged and rough outdoorsman along with the power to back up everything someone could throw its way. Why on earth would anyone want to go a step further? Because they can, that’s why.

Introducing the new Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor to quench every thirst for truck power and performance. When Shelby chose to take the Raptor and make it even more who could have guessed what they would do to make it so? By adding additional supercharges to the engine and adding handling features that improve the control Shelby has taken its performance car roots and applied them to the best-selling pickup truck around. Read more