2015 Infiniti Q60: Stunning Performance from a Familiar Model

2015 Infiniti Q60

Those who either attended or read coverage of the Detroit Auto Show might be confused by what the Q60 is. Infiniti revealed a concept that has not yet been approved for production and since Infiniti went to new vehicle names the Q60 may be confusing, but it’s really the G37 just with a new name. This car still comes in a coupe and convertible to be a great luxury car for you to buy and shows up with a great engine and a six-speed manual transmission for the control freaks to enjoy.

Purchasing your new Q60 will bring a price that starts out at nearly $42,000 for the Journey coupe model. For those of you who want the Limited, the price is still reasonable in the luxury class at $50,500 and is equipped with an automatic transmission. The convertible model brings a starting price of $49,500 for those of you who want to enjoy the wind blowing in your hair, and the top of the line IPL convertible shows up with a price of $63,000 for the ones who feel they want, deserve and certainly need the best this car has to offer.

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