Greater Twin Cities Honda Dealers Association Selects Tier10 as Marketing Agency

Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS, July 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Greater Twin Cities Honda Dealers Association (GTCHDA) has selected Tier10 as its new agency of record. Tier10 was chosen based on its multi-channel and data-driven approach to marketing, and track record of facilitating enormous growth for its current automotive associations. The GTCHDA is the seventh automotive dealer association to choose Tier10 for full-service advertising and marketing support. Read more

New Cars, Fun to Drive

2016 Acura NSX Coming

Every year we see a long list of new cars come out and sometimes a short list of cars that will no longer be built.  With these new offerings on the market it’s nearly impossible to contain the excitement that we feel before they finally make it to market.  Before these cars even find their way to the dealerships we want to learn all we can about what they are capable of doing and how they will drive.  Of course the actual driving of a new car is what makes it the most exciting, but until they reach the market and offers us a drive here are seven new cars that are coming out soon which you should be excited about and ready to drive for a lot of fun.

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Is Gesture Based Software The Next Big Automotive Thing?

Gesture Based Software Automotive

We keep getting bombarded with the latest in automotive technology. Apple has introduced CarPlay, Android has Android Auto, AT&T has announced the connected car, Google has built an autonomous prototype car, and simpler things like infotainment centers, and other car gadgets keep evolving at epic proportions. So is gesture based software in our automobiles the next big thing to hit the automotive market? Read more

Intel To Enter Automotive Technology Race

Intel Automotive

Everyday, it seems, we hear of another technology company that has typically focused on computers, mobile, and other electronics, entering the automotive space. Samsung, Google, Apple, Android, and AT&T, just to name a few, have claimed their stake in the auto industry. Now tech giant Intel, headquartered in Oregon, has made the announcement that they will widen their stance in the automotive sector. Read more

Off Roading Tips from the Experts at the Land Rover Experience Driving School

Land Rover Experience Driving School

With four schools in North America located in North Carolina, California, Vermont and Quebec, the Land Rover Company has brought some of the most sensible driving instruction to the US for off road driving.  For those of us who have never actually driven a real off road vehicle in the wilderness, just hearing the advice given by these experts seems so simple really, but the application of the tips is more difficult than you might think.  Here are four of the main tips from the Land Rover Experience Driving School which will help when you are driving off road to keep you safe and help save your life.

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Camry Special Edition for 2016 Gives Toyota Lovers Something Special

2016 Special Edition Camry

What do you do when with the best-selling sedan?  You find a way to improve it, offers something that may be limited, and give it some treatments that just might drive some great sales of a trim level that will easily entice and excite the public.  With Toyota you know this is the direction they have gone with something new and interesting for the Camry.  This new version will allow a select number of 2016 Camry owners to take full advantage of what Toyota can offer on this great new car and have bragging rights over their coworkers and neighbors who were not quite so fortunate with their Camry selection. Read more

2016 Subaru WRX: A Really Cool Customer

2016 Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX has been known to be a high-performer on the desert floor racing in rally form with awesome power and performance.  What was going to happen when Subaru tamed the beast and created a sedan out of the racer.  Well, we saw the results last year in the form of a powerful pair, the WRX and WRX STI which both showed themselves with the features you want from this car that is built on the platform of the awesome desert racing machines that Subaru loves to send across the hottest areas of the world.

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