Car Hacks that Will Help You Enjoy Your Car More Than Ever

Life Hack Car

You bought a new, or at least new to you, car and want to keep it nice.  Other than just being careful about who you let ride with you and what they are allowed to do inside your car you need to have a few tips and tricks on the right way to maintain the look of your new vehicle.  Unless you want to take your car to the detailer on a regular basis it’s important for you to know what you should do, here are some ideas that just might help you save money and let you handle the job yourself. Read more

What does an Economy Car Mean to You

2016 White Fiat 500

Typically the title or description of Economy Car brings to mind the thought of a set of hamsters under the hood on bicycles or at least something close to that for power.  Normally you think of these cars and shudder wondering what you have to compromise on in order to have a car that will be the commuter mobile for you to drive.  While many economy class cars are not powerful and have a negative feeling associated with them it’s important for you to see there are some economy class cars that are actually great to drive; here are some for you to consider.

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We will See Another Spider on the Market Soon

BMW i8 Spyder model

Many of the high end sports cars gain the moniker of Spider when they are offered as convertible versions.  Often this is a response to a call on the market when many buyers would love to have the ability to enjoy the sports car with a removable top and still have some of the most impressive performance on the market.  With that in mind you might wonder if we will see a Spider on some of the higher performing hybrid models, especially on a new to the market car like the BMW i8.

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The Minivan Market has Some Interesting Features

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

While the minivans from Honda, Toyota and Nissan seem to continue to be highly advertised and produced to sell with good comfort and style, the Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country are about the only family minivans still made by any of the “Detroit Big 3”.  While you can still buy a new minivan for a good price, and if you want a new one that offers great features that you can load it up with to keep the passengers entertained there are some considerations you should make before you buy a minivan new.

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2016 Porsche Macan: The Perfect SUV on the Pavement

2016 Porsche Macan

Let’s face it, when you buy an SUV for the off road capabilities you still spend more time on the paved roads than you do on the trails.  This makes it difficult to justify this purchase again when you know the ride is rougher on the pavement than it should be because of the off road features of the vehicle.  If you want a smooth ride on the road and don’t expect to head off road at all, the right choice for a great luxury SUV that offers the sports car performance and a size you will enjoy is the Porsche Macan.

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