For 2016 We Have a new Posterchild

02.28.16 - 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

The term “posterchild” has always been used to mean the perfect example of something. Whether it’s the egg that was frying in the pan which was used to help give kids a symbol of what their brains would do when they got hooked on illegal drugs or a high performance car that is the best new offering from an exotic automaker, the posterchild name lives on and we use it on a regular basis.

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Is it or Isn’t It?

02.23.16 - 2016 Cadillac CT6

As the first car built on the new GM Omega RWD architecture that is a large 204 inches in size the CT6 is a car that you might look at as a flagship model. The width is impressive at 74 inches and the CT6 wheelbase is more than ten feet long to give the room on the inside to make this a car that is great to drive. Toss in the longitudinal engine layout and the way everything inside the car just feels longer and larger than what we are used to and you think this is the flagship model from Cadillac.

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Where is the Giulia?

02.18.16 - 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo did not make a splash in the US market for many years and when we saw the company return a few years ago what they offered was the limited (severely limited actually) production 8C Competizione coupe and 8C Spider. A few years later and continuing for this model year the 4C is a much more livable item at a better price, not as limited production and with the Alfa Romeo feel. Of course we couldn’t just have the 4C sports car we also had to enjoy the 4C Spider and the success of this pair allowed Alfa Romeo to announce it was going to offer us a new car for 2016.

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How Many Stops

02.13.16 - Rest Stop

On a bit of a unique and off the cuff topic there has been a patent filed for an item that most of us might cringe at or wonder why, but when we think of the usefulness we can understand exactly how this new item would benefit us in several different ways. While the reality is this particular technology might never make it into any vehicle we can enjoy the fact that someone has thought of a way to have fewer stops on a long road trip, thus making it much easier for you to make better time on any trip.

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The Volvo Transition

02.08.16 - Volvo Logo

What changed at Volvo? You remember the Volvo of old which was touted simply as a brand full of safe to drive vehicles even if they were ugly, clunky and devoid of any style. These cars were actually admired not only for their safety but for the fact you could easily add a more powerful engine and still feel safe and secure in these cars was something of a benefit, but as we have evolved in our desires for vehicles, the old style offered by Volvo was passed over for cars that offered more enticing appearances, which meant the brand needed to do something to make a change.

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Is it Smart or Childish?

02.03.16 - Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne

We hear announcements nearly every day from some company head that gives us an idea of where their mindsets are and what their company values hold. Sometimes these announcements and bold statements end up offering us a look at the end of the company while at other times we see the importance of protecting a brand signature and the what the company stands for. The difference between the two often is the strength of the company and where the market is headed in any industry.

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