Do You Know How to Wash Your Car?

03.29.16 - Washing Car

This may sound like a silly question, but washing your car by hand often leads to swirl marks and fine scratches on your clear coat that show up. Most of us aren’t bothered by this, but if you value your ride and want to keep the pain looking like new as long as possible you need to wash your car properly to avoid these marks. There are ways to do this in order to protect your paint and have the best look you can when you drive around in your new vehicle that will become your dependable ride for years to come.

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The Torque Numbers You Want to Love

03.25.16 - 2016 Ford Mustang

In what list would you ever have a Pagani Huayra and a Chevrolet Spark? Not very many at all, but this list is different than most. While we all love to talk about the horsepower a car has the torque is just as important and in some cases more important than the horsepower. With that in mind how many cars will bring you more torque than horsepower? Only a few will bring you numbers that are higher for the twist than for the forward grunt, but this list shows you those cars and the fact you can find a car in many categories that offers the drivability torque provides.

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How do you Get the Engine Note You Want with Fuel Efficiency

03.17.16 - 2016 Ford Focus RS

For many years the standard engine for fuel mileage was a four-cylinder but there has always been a trade-off when you purchase a car with a four-cylinder engine; boredom. These cars often brought in minimal excitement on the road and from under the hood which meant we would not have the feeling or the sound we wanted. Of course, with any rule there is an exception and there have been some exciting four-cylinder cars that gave us the engine note we wanted to hear. These beauties have given us the sound we wanted to go along with an impressive fuel efficiency to enjoy as well.

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2016 Ford Edge: Giving You Several Options to Choose From

03.13.16 - 2016 Ford Edge

When you want a midsized crossover SUV you want to have the ability to make it your own. The Ford Edge is that vehicle. With the Edge you have a wide range of trims and options you can add to have the style and the features you want in order to feel comfortable and at home in the vehicle. There is plenty of room for the whole family and a generous amount of cargo space to allow you to take this SUV out for an adventure or on vacation with your family. The Edge is the perfect vehicle for nearly every family driving need.

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Making Sense and Stepping Forward

03.09.16 - 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

When your brand mate is the most prolific hybrid vehicle in the world you know at some point the hybrid powertrain will make its way to your lineup. This is the case for the new Toyota RAV4 which enters its third generation on the market in 2016 with new updates and a hybrid powertrain for us to enjoy. This new system will be the gasoline electric Hybrid Synergy Drive system that has been developed by Toyota. This is a system that will primarily drive the front wheels and offer AWD as an on-demand feature that is standard for this powertrain which will engage an electric motor in the rear when the AWD is needed.

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The Next Right Move

03.04.16 - 2016 Honda HR-V

Here is something we see at times in the automotive world that can be a life lesson for all of us. It’s always a good idea to be mindful of what is happening around you and find ways to make the next right move. That simply means making the decision that will align with the direction things are headed. This could be saving the money needed for a down payment on a home which allows you to take advantage of low interest rates or it might mean finding a way to help improve your company with new and better technology.

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