Italian Sedans that Have Turned Our Heads

04.19.16 - 1963 Maserati Quattroporte

Most of the time we think of Italian vehicles as the sports cars and the small but fun to drive city cars. We sometimes forget the automakers in Italy have created some of the most interesting and comfortable sedans as well as giving us two opposite ends of the spectrum. We can forget about the growling beasts that make their way on the track for now and the small but fun city cars and let these sedans have the spotlight for a moment even if most of them no longer are made for us to enjoy.

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When Dependability Matters

04.15.16 - 2013 Lexus ES350

Dependability is not something to take lightly. Your car needs to be there for you and take you through the daily driving you encounter without any issues. When you have a car that breaks down on a regular basis you leave dependability in the wind and even getting to work can be a huge challenge for you. If you have decided 2016 is the year you will buy a dependable vehicle that will ensure you can get to and from work each and every day, here is the list from JD Power for you to consider making your own for this new year.

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A New Racer from Volkswagen

04.12.16 - Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

The Golf Race Car concept was shown off at many different auto shows last year and apparently there was enough of a following that this car has now been made into a full-fledged racer by using a name we know and love. The name used is that of the GTI which makes us feel at awe of the car that now will make its way to race tracks that customers choose for it to show off in a way that we all want to admire.

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You Might Not Actually “See” the Motorcycle

04.09.16 - Motorcycle Accident

We have all heard the tragic stories of a crash between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle that ended with the cyclist being paralyzed or killed. Typically when the driver of the larger vehicle is interview the only answer they give is the fact they didn’t “see” the person on the motorcycle, which actually could be true. As bad as the driver of the larger vehicle may feel, they only can see what their eyes and the picture in their mind allows them to see, which can be only a small portion of the actual visual field around them.

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Only a Slight Letdown

04.06.16 - Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

In the cat and mouse game that is played between the media and automakers there has been once again photos of an upcoming vehicle leaked ahead of the debut. Does this really come as any surprise to anyone at this point? It sure doesn’t surprise me and the fact that we will get an up close and personal look at the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk at the New York Auto Show it seems to be more of a publicity ploy by Jeep than something that the brand would be concerned with. The leaked photos, however, are not the letdown.

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Stop Giving Up Truck Bed Space

04.01.16 - Truck Bed

Do you use your truck for work? Is this your mobile office on a daily basis where you need to be able to keep all your tools and the materials for the jobs you do? If this sounds like you then you know the frustration of using a truck tool box where you have to give up some of your bed space and the tools you need inevitably make it to the bottom center of the box. While these boxes are great for some items, if you have an extended cab truck there is a solution you might prefer to this box that seems to be the black hole of your tool storage.

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