What Would You Do?

05.29.16 - Self-Driving Car

The technology is on the way and automakers have invested huge sums of money into the technology that will take away your enjoyment of driving. By 2020 we expect to see cars that are full autonomous, not semi-autonomous like the current Tesla Model S and Model X, which means these cars, will be able to drive themselves provided all conditions are met for the system to work properly. Because this technology is coming there are many surveys that have taken place to learn how we as the public feel about a car that can drive itself wherever you need to go.

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Are the Germans Preventing the Floodgates from Opening?

05.25.16 - German Flag

Was the Volkswagen diesel cheating scandal enough to scare the rest of the German automakers? It seems that is certainly the case. In recent news Mercedes, Audi, Opel, Volkswagen and Porsche all have announced a recall that will affect 630,000 vehicles that are being brought in specifically to address their emissions management software. This is certainly a reaction to the scandal that was discovered by Volkswagen that had been using cheat devices to ensure their vehicles would pass the EPA standards in the US when the vehicles were being tested, which has caused a sense of alarm for the other German automakers.

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Testing an Autonomous Vehicle for Safety is Impossible

05.17.16 - Google Car

The claim of every manufacturer is that their cars will be safer when the car is driven autonomously. Google has logged nearly 1.3 million miles in their self-driving cars since 2009 and has the most miles so far with relatively little error. Even so, what will it take for us to trust that the vehicles being developed to actually be autonomous vehicles? Will we need miles on the tires to show the car is safe or are we ready to nearly blindly trust that the technology installed will be adequate enough to ensure our safety while driving on any road?

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Cadillac let Joe Biden Down but America Still Wins

05.13.16 - Joe Biden

The Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden bet a member of his press pool that the Cadillac CTS-V would be the faster car to reach sixty mph when the Caddy was put up against the Tesla Model S P90D. This sounds like a sure bet as the Cadillac CTS-V is one of the sportiest and fastest Cadillacs ever made which means this car can be taken to the track to compete with the sports cars we know and love on the market. There was more to the logic used by the VP for this bet as he happens to be a bit of a gearhead.

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Even After Seven Years the A8 Looks Amazing

05.09.16 - 2016 Audi R8

You can often tell when an automaker is done working with a particular model. They tend to try and bleed every last bit of sales out of the model until they see they can’t get anything else from it, then there is a one year offering of a single trim that is packed full of everything that made that model great for many years. Not only do you see the development drop when it’s an older version of a vehicle but you also see less advertising for the car than before, making it more profitable and less of a drain on the numbers.

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What the Heck is That?

There is a huge difference between a car that is attractive and easily admired and one that is downright ugly. This in between area usually has many plain and uninspiring models to offer, but sometimes there are cars that actually seem like they should lean one way or another and not be a middle of the road model with their looks. When an automaker goes for polarizing looks they are going to leave some people out of the crowd, but in reality there are some cars that have been made that just make you wonder what it is and even make you want to drive them, regardless of the oddball looks.

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What’s Better Than the Audi R8?

05.01.16 - 2017 Audi R8

At the top of the lineup for Audi we see the R8. This car has looks, it has style, you want to drive it, and it’s begging you to do so. The engine sounds mean and the interior feels amazing, you have all the gadgets and gizmos you could ever want and the car will toss in and out of turns in an expert manner. Even with all the amazing attributes the R8 has to offer us there just feels like there is something missing for 2016 that we will hopefully get to experience in 2017.

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