The Focus RS Isn’t Even Old Yet

06.30.16 - 2016 Ford Focus RS

Automakers are an interesting bunch. Even when they give you something new they are often looking to the next iteration of that item to keep the lineup and models fresh in your mind. If you drive the Focus RS and enjoy all the power that a small turbocharged four-cylinder engine can give you along with the dynamics of the nearly flawless AWD system that has been admired as one of the best you might not think there is anything that could top this vehicle. Even though the Focus RS is new to the market, Ford is already discussing the possibility of something even better.

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The R&D Folks at Volvo have Some Big Plans

06.26.16 - 2016 Volvo XC90

Volvo has been a company that has turned into a successful reinvention project over the past several years. First of all the company has always been known as one of the safest car companies in the world and has led the way when it comes to safety. The old school of thought about buying a Volvo was an admiration for the safety offered even if the actual look and feel of the vehicle left a lot more to be desired that you would want. The secure feeling has had more of us looking to Volvo for the care of our families than for exciting driving and style.

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Volkswagen is Fixing the Diesel Engines, Here’s Some Things to Know

06.22.16 - Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn

We have the news that Volkswagen is ready to finally put this entire diesel engine scandal behind them and move on. In order to do this there are several things Volkswagen has to do in order to not only begin to earn our trust back but to also move forward by fixing what they have already done wrong. As with any time a company has intentionally led the public astray, Volkswagen has to ensure their vehicles will be able to meet or exceed the standards for emissions going forward and not just during testing. Here are some things you should know about this settlement that was reached.

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Even Forward Action Can Lead to Lawsuits

06.18.16 - General Motors Logo

In an attempt to be forthcoming with information when the discovery of a discrepancy in the fuel mileage numbers was found GM announced recently that the fuel economy numbers of the Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave were overstated by as much as two mpg for the average fuel mileage. Originally this was thought to be only an issue for the 2016 model year and new stickers were issued along with an immediate stop sale. To go along with this GM announced they would work with the customers who had already purchased these vehicles to make things right with them.

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Warmer Weather Driving Perfection

06.14.16 - Sunny Blue Sky

Do you remember last summer? Did you see all the great convertibles that were driving around your town or at your favorite summer vacation area? Isn’t it time you joined in on the top down fun yourself? Of course it is and you want to know what you should buy so that you can have some of the fun in the sun as well. When you don’t want to buy a new car there are plenty of great used vehicles on the market to have the right convertible for you. These are some of our favorites and ones you should consider for your summer driving fun.

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Take These With You When Off Roading

06.10.16 - Jeep Stuck in Mud

Actually these tools are not just the right choice when off roading, but if it starts to snow or rain you should have some tools with you just in case you could be stuck in the mud, snow or sand. These tools are the right choice to help you get out of being stuck where your tires are spinning and you aren’t going anywhere. Whether you find it corny or a good idea, the Boy Scout Motto of “Be Prepared” is something you should adhere to when you head out, especially in foul weather or if heading to a location to enjoy some off roading experiences.

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Vehicles You Might Not Think about Taking Off Road

06.06.16 - 2017 Bentley Bentayga

The automotive world is full of vehicles that can perform a wide variety of tasks on any road or in the wilderness. Most of the time off road vehicles are put into two categories, 4×4’s and crossovers. The 4×4’s are meant to head out on trails and typically have a box on frame design while the crossovers are made to handle foul weather while still offering a car-like drive that you want to enjoy on the road. There are many crossovers that will surprise you with their capabilities and may even be at a price that makes you not want to take them off road, but these five are some that will really surprise you with their capability in an area that isn’t paved.

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Pickup Truck or Luxury Car?

06.02.16 - 2016 Audi A6

When faced with this dilemma the first thing you have to know is what your lifestyle calls for. Do you spend most of your time driving in traffic before and after work? Do you work in an office and wear a suit to work? Sounds like you should choose the luxury car right? Maybe not. What if you like the idea of having a pickup truck with the added space of a truck bed that can be the perfect extended trunk? Are you going to give up a great deal of comfort in a pickup truck versus a luxury car, do you really have to make a choice like this?

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