Fix or Replace? That’s the Question

09.27.16 - Windshield

When driving down the road you’re always at risk of some small object, such as a rock, being tossed onto your windshield, which could leave a crack or chip that you need to address. Even though this small imperfection seems to be something you could easily ignore, you shouldn’t at all. The windshield is made of laminated safety glass and is actually a major part of the safety features of your vehicle which means if it’s compromised, so is the safety of yourself and your passengers. The big question regarding your windshield is whether or not it can be fixed.

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Vehicles that were Dramatically Redesigned

09.23.16 - 2017 Hyundai Sonata

With every generation vehicles receive upgrades and redesigns to give them a modern look and feel. Only a few vehicles on the road today look similar to what they did when they were first put on the market, the Jeep Wrangler and Porsche 911 come to mind, and these redesigns have worked out well for some manufacturers and not as well for others. Thankfully even when a redesign doesn’t work out the company can go back and try again when the new generation is over, here are some of the most dramatic redesigns we’ve seen recently.

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2017 Volvo S90: The Midsized Flagship

09.22.16 - 2017 Volvo S90

Volvo has been anything but conventional for many years. Putting their name on the line in the world of vehicle safety Volvo has developed a stellar reputation for leading the automotive world when it comes to keeping you informed and in place in your vehicle. Recently they developed engine technology we hadn’t seen before that gives us vehicles that have both supercharging and turbocharging to give us fuel efficiency and power. Now, a new Volvo S90 sedan emerges onto the scene to fit in the midsized segment, but with more luxury and features than any other midsized sedan.

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What’s the Hold Up for 2017 Diesel BMW Models?

09.16.16 - BMW Headquarters

There’s no doubt that expected delays and added scrutiny would be in place after the Volkswagen diesel scandal of last year. Any diesel powered vehicle would have to pass more stringent and comprehensive testing by the EPA and other agencies who also received a black eye for allowing Volkswagen to have vehicles on the road that could defeat the emissions testing needed for vehicles to be sold in the US. Because of these expected delays it seems the diesel models from BMW aren’t able to be sold yet, but there’s more to this story than it seems.

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Your M3 Didn’t Start Out as a Road Car

09.12.16 - 2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3

Do you know what the M3 was originally made for? It was a car that was specially designed as a homologation to be entered into a specific racing series. This car was to participate in the World European and German Touring Championship (DTM) and eventually developed into something much larger. In fact, the fact that the 3-Series was chosen over other models is significant of the balance and prestige this car had already earned, but now that the M3 has been around a while we might have something to celebrate.

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A New Name for Our Market

09.06.16 - Skoda Logo

There have been rumors but those rumors seem to be catching quite a bit of momentum and are about to turn into full-fledged truths. The rumor is Skoda may become a name you get to know on our roads as early as 2017, which would make for a huge impact in the high volume market in the US. This news came earlier in the year when it was reported that Skoda was trademarking names in the US, which would only need to be done if the company planned to enter our market and begin to sell vehicles, but why now?

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2017 BMW 6 Series: Uniquely Similarly Different

09.01.16 - 2017 BMW 6 Series

The beauty of the way BMW puts a vehicle together and markets it is simply poetic in nature. Not only do they make some of the most active and enjoyable driving machines in the world, they also have a way of making each vehicle feel special. The 6 Series is a great example of this. There are three models for this car for 2017 and all three are uniquely different, but similar in many ways. As you know the 6 Series is a large coupe that makes it easy for you to enjoy the drive on any road and with such a large coupe you can cruise around in style and comfort.

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