Toyota C-HR is a Prius-like SUV for Fun

12.28.16 - Toyota C-HR

The C-HR is a compact crossover SUV that has been in the plans for nearly a decade but has finally made its way to the market to be a new model from Toyota. This model was originally going to be part of the now deleted Scion brand, which is possibly why it has been delayed until now. Strangely enough, the Japanese press was the last, or at least it felt that way, in the world to know this little SUV was on its way to the market, even though there are already 29,000 preorders for this little SUV in Japan.

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The Second Hybrid Small SUV on the Market

12.28.16 - Nissan Rogue

For a few years the Toyota RAV4 has offered us a hybrid powertrain and Subaru gave it a go as well with the XV Crosstrek but now there’s another option if you want an SUV that can give you the ride you want while sipping on the fuel instead of guzzling it. With the XV Crosstrek gone from the market, the new model that has entered is the Nissan Rogue Hybrid which offers you more fuel mileage than the standard model and a great way for you to enjoy the drive you want on the road.

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2017 BMW X6: Coupe Style That’s Impressive

12.20.16 - BMW X6

There is a vehicle that offers you limited off road capabilities, a small amount of cargo and passenger space, and lacks sporty style but is still one of our favorites to drive on the road. This vehicle is the BMW X6 and it is a baffling model to be sure. This SUV has a tall ride height, but looks like a car that’s been lifted, much like the Subaru Outback. It does offer you the impressive AWD and sleek fastback style that makes it a vehicle you can enjoy driving on any road, and with the BMW badge at the front, you know the drive will be a majority of the appeal of this SUV.

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2017 Toyota Tundra: Obviously Powerful

12.20.16 - Toyota Tundra

When you want a truck that gives you the strength you need and a larger size than the rest of the trucks on the market, the Tundra from Toyota makes a compelling case for itself. This big half-ton truck is one that offers you an amazing reliability record, impressive resale value and the equipment you need to have a fantastic ride wherever you need to go. If you need a great truck that can be both a great truck to drive with your family and to be the one you have for work, the Tundra is the truck for you.

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Mercedes-AMG is Building Something Awesome

12.19.16 - Mercedes-AMG GT

If you’re a fan of Mercedes-AMG, you might think everything they build is awesome, and for the most part you’d be right, but this is something completely different. We’ve seen companies build vehicles that cross barriers and blend technologies together. These “frankencars” have become some of the most admired vehicles that have been built in a mad scientist manner with components that were probably never meant to be put together, but somehow work so well together. It seems the entire automotive market looks at cars and what they do to simple say “how can that work for us” and then they figure it out.

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New Considerations When Used Car Shopping

12.19.16 - Used Car Lot

Hybrid and EV models have now been on the market for a few years and that means we are entering a brand new market of used cars as much as we are entering times when new cars are developing. There are plenty of things you need to enjoy when you head out and look for used cars in the changing world of vehicles. There are more electronic components than ever, making it even more difficult for you to make sure you have the right vehicle to drive and enjoy on the road. When you’re looking for some great EV and Hybrid models to choose from here are some tips that can help you find the right one for you.

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Slowing Trucks Down

12.12.16 - Semi Truck

Unfortunately when a big rig, especially one that’s been loaded down with product, is in a wreck it can be fatal for everyone involved. How many of us have driven past an eighteen-wheeler that’s been turned over and hoped the driver was ok? Imagine these large trucks involved in a wreck with other, smaller vehicles and the image is gruesome and alarming. How can we make it so these massive product movers are able to be safer and avoid being in a collision as often as they are? This is question posed to the NHTSA and the DOT which together came up with a possible solution.

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Fiat did This Backwards, but We Love Them for It

12.12.16 - FIAT 124 Spider

Most of the time we see sports cars come out as a hardtop coupe model before we even think about the convertible possibilities. in Europe many of the convertible sports cars are called Spider models and the newest item to wear the Fiat badge is the 124 Spider. This is a car that’s based off the Mazda Miata, which is no surprise since it’s built in the same plant, but the 124 Spider gives us Italian style and more engine options than the Miata to be a fantastic variation of the small roadster that comes at an affordable price.

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2017 BMW 3 Series: The Car You Have to Drive

12.07.16 - BMW 3 Series

If you have a bucket list it’s probably filled with things you’d like to do but may be out of reach. While you work on filling that list with items that are dreams, there is something that should be on that list which is achievable right now. You need to drive the BMW 3 Series in any model form and enjoy the car that brought the term Ultimate Driving Machine to the BMW name. This car is the perfect entry level sports luxury car that you can have in a variety of forms to have the right drive for you.

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2017 Acura RLX: Flagship Equipment without the Flair

12.07.16 - Acura RLX

The Acura brand often gets overlooked for brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lexus, but it shouldn’t. Born from Honda, the Acura models that are offered have been feature filled, easy to drive cars that offer you the dependability and activity you want to enjoy. The RLX is a car that is the top of the lineup for the Acura brand to give you an impressive sedan to drive with AWD and the look and feel you’ll love to enjoy in a car that isn’t as showy as the other brands but soldiers on as one of the best in its class.

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