2017 Audi A5: Midsized Luxury with Amazing Style

12.06.16 - Audi A5

When you want a car that’s perfect to drive there’s only one brand you should turn to. This brand is Audi and they have been doing something right for a long time. Yes, the Audi styling is elegant and sophisticated, yes the ride is smooth, confident and planted, but what they’ve done better than any other brand is create the interior style and comfort that makes a huge difference for you from behind the wheel. You spend all of your time in the cabin of your car, why shouldn’t that be in the best interior on the market today.

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2017 BMW X5: Amazing Midsized SUV Luxury

12.06.16 - BMW X5

BMW does a great job of building vehicles that we want to drive. If you own a BMW and you aren’t excited to drive there’s something wrong with how you’re driving it because the BMW brand is exceptional to drive and lots of fun on the road. When you need a midsized luxury SUV to drive, BMW offers you the impressive ride of the BMW X5 which is called, by them, a sports-active vehicle to remind you this is a vehicle that’s been built to be driven and for you to enjoy the ride.

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Do You Want to be Part of the Experiment?

12.05.16 - Gothenburg

There have been shows and movies made that feature a variety of drug trials, some in a humorous way and other a bit tragic. These trials are a way some people have used to make money when they feel desperate and want to participate in trying something new. The companies that offer these drug trials can have a goal and using humans as an experiment is typically the last action that happens before a drug is approved for the public to purchase and doctors to be able to write prescriptions for their patients to help them improve their health.

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Deliveries of the Future

12.05.16 - Mercedes-Benz Vision Van

Delivery companies have competed against each other for years to see how they could make their delivery systems more efficient. For some small, lightweight packages the idea of being able to launch drones out into the neighborhoods could allow for multiple deliveries to be executed at the same time. This is the idea behind the new Mercedes-Benz Vision Van that is also a creation of their drone partner, Matternet. With this new van the delivery world could change significantly and remain changed for the next several years until something else that’s better comes along.

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