2017 BMW 3 Series: The Car You Have to Drive

12.07.16 - BMW 3 Series

If you have a bucket list it’s probably filled with things you’d like to do but may be out of reach. While you work on filling that list with items that are dreams, there is something that should be on that list which is achievable right now. You need to drive the BMW 3 Series in any model form and enjoy the car that brought the term Ultimate Driving Machine to the BMW name. This car is the perfect entry level sports luxury car that you can have in a variety of forms to have the right drive for you.

The BMW 3 Series is offered in a sedan, sports wagon, hatchback, plug-in hybrid and a high performance sports coupe. This is a car that has a version for everyone and will give you the ride you’ve wanted to enjoy for many years but just haven’t done so yet. When you want the best driving dynamics on the automotive market and the luxury build from BMW, the 3 Series is the right choice for you. Once you choose the right model for you it will be easy for you to head out for a drive every day with a smile on your face.

For 2017 the BMW 3 Series is being offered with a brand new four-cylinder engine and a new 330i model to replace the 328i. There is also a new six-cylinder engine that is placed in the 340i which replaces the 335i. There are some trim and color changes as well, but mostly this is a car that adds more power to the mix to give you more speed to go with impressive athletic nature of the amazing 3 Series from BMW.

One of the ways this car is one of the most popular models you’ll ever love is the variations of the body that you can enjoy. Most of the time this car is purchased as a sedan, but knowing you can have the Sports Wagon or hatchback models can make this a car you fit in your lifestyle even better than you might think possible. This new four-cylinder engine at the base model is a turbocharged 2.0-liter version that gives you a smooth and powerful ride to bring you the speed to reach sixty mph in less than six seconds to be a great way for you to ride and enjoy this amazing car.

When you do choose the base model you have the 320i and it offers you standard features that you can enjoy. These include the faux-leather upholstery, rain sensing wipers, dual zone automatic climate controls, a nine-speaker audio system, a 6.5-inch LDC display, a USB port, Bluetooth music streaming, HD Radio, eight airbags, active head restraints, impact sensors to unlock the doors, activate the hazard lights and shut off the electrical system and four years/50,000 miles of included scheduled maintenance that includes roadside assistance when needed. This gives you a serious brand partnership when you buy your new BMW 3 Series.

Looking to the options for this car you’ll see a lot that you can choose from. This list includes items such as the Surround View camera, a hands free power trunklid, a navigation system, a head up display and adaptive cruise control. In sporty versions you have sport seats, aerodynamic improvements, suspension tuning and lightweight wheels to give you the M package that you want to enjoy even on lower models. Many of these models are offered with AWD to give you the added control you want on the road to have a car that’s perfect to drive.

Do you want to enjoy your driving again? Have you added this car to your bucket list yet? You can start at the 320i and have a fantastic drive or you can move up the lineup and choose a car with even more to offer you. If you have the ability you should absolutely drive the M3 which is the powerful and sport tuned version of the 3 Series that truly gives this car the title of the Ultimate Driving Machine. It’s time for you to enjoy driving again and this is the car that will let you do just that; stop by your nearby BMW dealer and check out the 3 Series today.

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