The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor and its Drive Modes

08.06.16 - 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford brings us back the Raptor for 2017 and it’s time for those of us who love to take a great Ford truck off road to celebrate. This truck took a hiatus for a couple years but comes back to us as a truck that we can love with a lighter build and more athletic performance than before. This new Raptor will be powered by a 3.5-liter turbocharged V8 engine to give you over 411 horsepower and make full use of the new ten-speed automatic transmission. This isn’t even the most interesting part of the truck though; it will have six different drive modes for you to choose from.

The drive modes of the Raptor will be normal, sport, weather, mud/sand, Baja and rock crawl. It appears the team at Ford had an idea you would want to drive your new Raptor in a variety of situations including those where you are driving normally on the street or find yourself challenged by another driver on an open road (not a recommended situation, but certainly one you might end up in). Of course Ford also thought of your off road needs with this truck and gave you some modes for that as well.

The normal mode is for everyday driving into sport mode will give you an increased throttle response and speed up the shift times while holding the gears longer to give you the maximum power you need in this truck. The weather mode is perfect for you to enjoy the drive in snow or rain to give you the confidence of the automatic four-wheel drive system that also brings you the AdvanceTrac traction control system. In this mode your throttle response is dialed back a bit to help you stay confident and keep your traction at a maximum.

The other modes of the truck have everything to do with adventuring out into the off road situations. The mud/sand mode is for four-wheel drive needs where the high gear is activated and the electronic locking differential is engaged and traction control settings are more comfortable on the rougher trails. This gives you a truck that can push through tough situations and still maintain its dominance over the off road areas you choose to venture into.

When you set your Ford F-150 Raptor in Baja mode you better be ready for a serious adventure. This is the mode best suited for high-speed desert running and is the one you want to use when you need to cross and area quickly in order to get ahead of your buddies. In this mode the four-wheel drive high gear is active, but the traction control is minimized to ensure you can have the speed you need. The power is evented out and you will enjoy how responsive the engine is while you use your Baja mode. Think of this like the sport mode for the off road areas, giving you the right drive to get moving quickly.

The final mode is the rock crawl mode which does exactly what you need it to. You can easily handle any obstacle in your way with a slow and low range four-wheel drive that uses the electronic locking differentials and exceptional low gear control This mode is meant for you to drive the truck at speeds that are less than 15 mph and when you do so something really cool happens. A front mounted camera comes to life to allow you to see exactly what’s right in front of the truck. This is especially helpful when you are at odd or sharp angles and all you see is the sky through the windshield.

The new Ford F-150 Raptor comes with all the equipment and modes you need for any type of driving. This truck is so amazing that you have to wonder why you would ever drive anything else. With the new engine it’s even more fuel efficient than the previous model making an even stronger case for being your only and everyday type of vehicle. You know you want a new Raptor for yourself so that you finally have a vehicle that can do absolutely everything you need it to, stop by your Ford dealer and get started on the road to high adventure. See for yourself in this video.

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