2017 Toyota 86: The New Sleek and Sporty Toyota Model

11.15.16 - Toyota 86

There’s no way Toyota was going to allow Scion to be no more and not take on some of the models that have performed well for the brand and put them under the Toyota name. One of the favorites for many years from Scion was the FR-S and now it is rebadged to be the Toyota 86. This name comes from the Corolla GT-S from the mid-1980s that used the designation of AE86 and now that it’s part of the Toyota lineup we get to enjoy this model as part of the parent brand for 2017.

This may be the one Scion model that Toyota spend the most time upgrading to bring us a car that offers us an improvement in the suspension performance, more power and the look we want to see. This car is one that’s truly fun to drive and puts itself up against other small sports cars in the market such as the Mazda MX-5 Miata. With more power and a lightweight build it’s hard to imagine this car being anything short of spectacular on the road and when it hits the track it can easily unleash all the power and performance that’s been built into this new Toyota 86 model.

The fact that Toyota has brought this car under its brand name and now offers it as the 86 means it has a dual purpose in life. This car is meant to be fun to drive and give you a way to show off on the track or out on the canyon roads in your area. You can find yourself enjoying the pleasure of driving this amazing car and not realize the huge smile you’ll have plastered across your face. The second purpose for this car is to make the Toyota brand one of fun which has been missing from this brand for several years.

There is only one engine offered for the Toyota 86 and it’s attached to either a manual or automatic transmission. This horizontally opposed 2.0-liter flat four-cylinder engine with the six-speed manual transmission is able to give you 205 horsepower and 156 lb.-ft. of torque. With the automatic transmission, which is also a six-speed, you will have slightly less power with only 200 horsepower and 151 lb.-ft. of torque. The manual version returns 21 city/28 hwy mpg while the automatic does a better job in this category with 24 city/32 hwy mpg.

Because this is a car that’s mostly carried over from Scion, the Toyota 86 is easy to buy and comes with tons of standard features. These features include, air conditioning, cruise control, the one-touch power windows, power mirrors, 17-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, a touch screen audio system, a rearview camera, auxiliary and USB inputs, stability and traction control, six air bags and the Smart Stop feature which custom power to the engine if the brake and accelerator are pushed at the same time.

You can enjoy an upgraded audio system, a navigation system, a long list of TRD performance parts that can be added on, a lowering springs kit, a quick shift kit, anti-roll bars and much more that will still allow you to enjoy the factory warranty and have a car that’s more track ready than ever before. One of the most impressive features of the Toyota 86 is the Torsen limited-slip differential that helps to make this a car that handles perfectly and pushes the power where it needs to be so that the car can easily handle the curves and sharp turns that you’ll find on a mountain pass or on the track.

Do you want an affordable sports car with the Toyota name? If you haven’t thought of Toyota as a fun brand for many years, it’s time to think of them as fun once again when you see the new Toyota 86. This car is ready to give you the drive you want to enjoy and the fun you’re looking for to have the ride that will make you smile from ear to ear every time you take it out for a spin. This isn’t a serious sports car, but a fun and active car that’s ready to show you a great time on the road or track.

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