A Look Back at Mazda at SEMA

A Look Back at Mazda MX-5 Miata at SEMA

The past two SEMA shows have been the hotbeds for Mazda to show off some of what it can do to create the impressive performance that’s needed when you have one of the most fun cars to drive with the low power numbers of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. For the Miata to continue to be the fun car you want to drive, there has to be some variations that could make you want to get behind the wheel and see what each one of the different Miata models can do and how the changes made help to create the improved performance that we want to enjoy.

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2017 Fiat 500X: The Bigger Model that Fits In

2017 Fiat 500X: a bigger model that fits in.

For many automakers the challenge of entering the subcompact crossover SUV market is a movement toward creating smaller vehicles that can fit into this category. For most of them this means packing the features offered on larger models into a smaller and more cramped area. The opposite challenge presented itself to Fiat when it chose to make the 500X.  As the largest Fiat personal vehicle on the road, the Fiat 500X offers you more space and room for the equipment that has been added on, which can’t be found on any other Fiat model you’ve seen. This is certainly a different direction than the other automakers and it seems to have worked out extremely well.

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Invest in the Longest Lasting Vehicles on the Road

Invest in the longest lasting vehicles on the road like the Toyota Avalon.

Vehicles that last a long time offer us a value that extends well beyond the loan you might have gotten on the car. When you take a vehicle and start driving from the time the vehicle is new until it has well over 200,000 miles on the odometer you’re likely going to have driven this vehicle for a long time and for many years past the time when you’re paying the bank for the car you love.

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