A Concept Car Meant for Video Games

Nissan 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Most of the time cars that are featured in video games are either based off an actual model or the imagination of the game designers. This gives most racing video games a basis for their designs which sometimes end up on the roads and tracks of the world as actual cars that can say they were inspired by the games. Not often this system is reversed, but Nissan has chosen to set the reversal in motion with the unveiling of a concept car that is built to be part of the new Gran Turismo video game.

The Nissan 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Concept car is an awesome looking car that appears to have launched itself right out of the video game and into the car shows around the world. As a concept from Nissan Europe, the Vision is angular from every side and offers a mean speed demon look to it that offers a long flowing angle from the very front fascia to the rear of the car. Destined to be part of the Gran Turismo 6 video game, Nissan designers were offing this gorgeous model as a great looking car that could easily be imagined to be the fastest and most capable car in the game.

The game was released last year and offers this car as an option for many players to fully enjoy. As something of a marvel, the concept car offers features that are taken from the GT-R as well as a ton of individual design elements. The front is sharp and edgy like a Lamborghini that was built by a Japanese company. Large portions of the car are designed to simply suck in air and be a cooling device for the engine. The wrap around windows offer a great view out front and to the sides with the rear offering no visibility at all due to the high roofline that ends in the very large spoiler to help keep this car fully planted on the road.

At first glimpse there appears to be no doors and you might wonder how someone is able to sit inside the car, but there is a subtle door line that shows were the door will open and shut. The rear offers a wonder look that makes you think the four taillights are jet engines ready to go, but they are actually highly attractive dual circular taillights that give the car a phenomenal look to the rear of the car.

Even though 2020 is still a long ways away from now, this would be an awesome car to actually see make it to production, even if it were in very limited supply. With a car that looks this good, Nissan would be under the gun to be sure the power and handling were just as amazing which would make this a car that seriously competes against the super cars of today and beyond. Until Nissan finds a way to bring this car to production we can enjoy its awesome looks and performance in the Gran Turismo 6 video game.

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