A Redesigned Mini Clubman

2016 Mini Clubman

Showing up later this year will be a new Clubman. For those of you who remember or (God forbid) drive the older Clubman, this new version is a huge step up from the first attempt from Mini at a station wagon with the dimensions that Mini offers. This new Clubman will do away with many of the strange features the old one offered such as the rear hinged suicide door on only one side of the car and the size that was so small it could not be taken seriously as a station wagon in any country, let alone in the US.

The new Clubman will now have the suicide door on both sides of the car to allow easier access to the rear seat for passengers to make their way into the car. The new model will also be nearly ten inches longer than the current one and at least six inches longer than the Countryman which was the biggest Mini even though it should not have been. With these added features alone the function and space of the Clubman will make a huge difference, but how will it fare in the US?

In the US, we love are larger sizes and dimensions, but we also have a huge market for not only niche cars, but for the dynamics of European size and style. As a car that is made for a couple or a small family to travel across the country, the Clubman is made to be a cross country beast that makes it way easily on any highway or to the various sights and tourist areas the US has to offer. Without a doubt, there will be a good market for the new Clubman in the US, and with the added size, those who enjoyed the previous model will be ecstatic with the new size and features.

The platform of the new Clubman will be the similar BMW front-drive UKL1 that shows up under many of the Minis offered. The mechanical components will be similar to the MINI hatchback and offer the same rear suspension that makes it easy to drive and love. The engine offered will continue to be the three and four-cylinder models that are currently offered and give the power up to 228 horsepower to have plenty of power to allow this car to easily move on a cross country tour.

Whether you loved the Clubman before and want a new one, or you scoffed at its tiny dimensions that showed up in the previous model, the Clubman is back and bigger than ever before. As the station wagon offering this should be the largest Mini on the market and with its new size and added features it is not only the largest, but is one of the most capable and comfortable Minis on the market today. Showing up later this year, the Clubman may be the perfect choice to drive home for Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy the holidays with family and boast about your great new ride.

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