Already a Demon Rival

04.25.17 - Hennessey Exorcist

Before the official unveiling of the Dodge Demon happens, there is already a challenger on the market to give us another muscle car that could be as powerful as or more powerful than what the Demon will be. This car is built from a Camaro ZL1 and it made by Hennessey to be what is called the Exorcist. The car is designed to be the one to dispel the Demon inside you and give you something with more pure menace and power to drive wherever you need to go. This Demon punishing massive monster is powered by an LT4 V8 engine that has been tuned up to 1000 horsepower and 966 lb.-ft. of torque.

How did Hennessy reach these marks with this engine? They did this by ditching the supercharger and adding a larger one along with an improved intercooler. There is a more aggressive camshaft, ported heads, long tube headers and a tuned up ECU. This makes for the major improvements to a car that sees no need to have any limits considering its job is to be the power performer you want on the road and at the track to take down the Demon and send it back to where it came from.

If you’re looking for the car that can rid the world of Demons without any apology, this car may be the one to get the job done. The Exorcist is able to achieve a time to reach sixty mph of less than three seconds and a quarter mile time of less than ten seconds as well. If you were to buy this car, Hennessey will make sure you can have a set of drag radials to get you down the track in these fast times so that you can know exactly what it feels like to be the one to rid the world of Demons.

The downside to upgrading to the Exorcist is the cost. The cost to add this entire kit to the ZL1 that you have to supply is $55,000. That’s if you happen to have one that has the manual transmission, if you have an automatic its nearly $10,000 more. This means the price for the complete Exorcist with the kit and the car comes to a whopping $118,000 which is how much you could buy five base versions of the Camaro for if you wanted to prowl around with some friends.

The upside to the Exorcist is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy a two year/24,000 miles warranty even though Hennessey and GM both know you’re going to take this car to the track for most of the fun you want to enjoy. This will absolutely be a car that’s in high demand, especially for those Camaro lovers that want something with more power than what the Demon will offer. The Exorcist is the perfect car for you to get to the track and have a great ride as you dispel the world of the evil that comes in the form of a Demon.

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