An EV Concept Project Worth A Huge Mention

Rimac Concept_One

When your passion is automobiles, which if you are reading this you are probably well on your way, and you have the means to take on some great projects for added driving excitement or to simply prove to the world what they might think cannot be done actually can be accomplished. This is where Mate Rimac comes in. Mate is the founder of Rimac Automobili and has spent his life in pursuit of racing excellence in his career as a driver and developer of high performance racing machines.

Mate had set up his mid 90’s BMW E30 to be an outstanding drifting and circuit racing car. While racing this car the motor gave out on him, leaving him with nothing but a shell of a car to work with. Instead of replacing the motor and rebuilding the car to its previous setup Mate chose instead to invest his time, money and energy into creating an EV car that would be the envy of many automakers worldwide.

He started by gathering a great team of innovative thinkers who were adept at problem solving and not focusing on the negative side of a problem, but rather on how to positively solve every challenge that came their way. Over the course of time and a ton of trial and error this team worked together with a collection of non-conventional parts to work toward one goal, creating an EV car that would have the world pay attention.

The results of their amazing achievements came in the form of the Rimac Concept_One which looked simply like the BMW E30 with a bright green paint job on it. The secret and the achievement came in the form of an EV motor that showed off with an amazing 600 horsepower and 645 lb.-ft. of torque. These numbers were simply amazing for this car and showed what this team of forward thinking experts was able to pull off.

If the engine numbers were not enough, Mate was able to take his E30 to a military base in Croatia to run some performance tests on this amazing machine. The results he achieved were staggering to say the least. He was able to pull off a zero to sixty mph time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 174 mph. Putting the car through the paces Mate was able to gain a 7.5 second eighth of a mile time and an 11.8 quarter mile time which is more than just a bit impressive. What is even more amazing is the range of this EV, at 112 miles per charge this car can offer a huge advantage over many EV’s that only offer a range general under 50 miles per charge.

With his team of thinkers it would be surprising if an automaker doesn’t snatch Mate Rimac and his team up soon to offer their performance concepts and structures as production models which would give that automaker a step ahead of many of the competition.

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