Annoying Car Accessories

Annoying Car Accessories

We’ve all had that moment, sitting in traffic or simply waiting at a stoplight, that we see something on another car that makes us scoff or even to call out the ridiculousness of our view to passengers. While the annoyances are the same for everyone (clearly), each driver on the road has at least one car accessory that falls into their “most hated” category. What’s your least favorite?

  • Eyelashes – Yes, there are eyelashes that are made for vehicles. They sit above the headlights and are intended to give the appearance of your car having eyes. They’re supposed to make a car look feminine or cute, however, they just end up being obnoxious looking. They also can impact the effectiveness of the headlights if they haven’t been properly placed or if the glue malfunctions, the eyelashes ending up obstructing the view.
  • Modified Exhausts – That sound of a lawnmower coming up behind you? That’s not a lawnmower, it’s just some modded out vehicle that is meant to annoy other drivers on the road. There is not a whole lot of reasoning behind installing one of these, other than the noise. For most people, the noise a car makes is indicative that something is wrong, but with a modified exhaust system, it’s the whole point. While they’re not particularly dangerous to other drivers, they are, in some case, a fine-worthy offense. If they violate a noise ordinance, a hefty fine may be levied against drivers whose cars contain these annoying accessories.
  • Huge Wings/Spoilers – When you consider accessories, these are probably the least annoying of the bunch, but they are irritating nonetheless. Fans of these huge wings and spoilers will proport that there is a point, something about wind resistance, and blah blah blah. However, unless you’re raising for pink slips after the sock hop or engaging in illegal street racing, there isn’t an adequate reason for adding this particular look to your car. There’s not a danger to other drivers, unless the wing obscures the visibility of the driver, because then there may be some fender benders in the driver’s future.
  • Excessive Stickering – Yes, bumper stickers can be funny. They can assert your beliefs on your property, so everyone knows exactly what you represent. However, they can also be excessive and irritating, not to mention distracting. Ever get caught up at a light behind someone with a bumper covered in stickers? You spend more time reading than paying attention to the road in front of you. Plus, if you’re the person sporting the “Vote for Whomever” bumper sticker AFTER the election, it’s kind of pointless, isn’t it?   The people with the huge decals covering six inches worth of windshield or rear window? Guess who just became a prime target for the police!
  • Modified Lights – If you’re driving a vehicle with LED headlights that don’t come stock, you’re probably a pretty irritating person with whom to share the road. Those lights hurt people’s eyes! As a driver with particularly sensitive eyes, especially at night, they’re more than an annoyance, they’re a hindrance. Being temporarily blinded while driving isn’t exactly up there on the best driving conditions. Typically, the stock LED lights are behind a type of glass that reduces the glare of these lights a little bit. However, if you’re running out and buying the headlight bulbs for modified lights at your local auto parts store, chances are you’re blinding your fellow drivers at some point.

A person’s car is, of course, their personal property and you’re free to do with it what you wish, but people still need to come to grips with the fact that they may be silently cursed at by other drivers. Some of these things are personal preference, and opinions are a dime a dozen, but when it comes down to being a danger to other drivers or a painful distraction, isn’t it best we keep things as safe as possible on the highways? Some states have enforced laws that prohibit some of the above-mentioned items, as police officers and local government officials believe them to be more than just an annoyance. Before adding your favorite accessory to your car, check your local laws. You don’t want to be fined for something that was meant to decorate your vehicle, and please consider the other drivers around you as well.

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