Another Way Google is Getting into Self-Driving Cars

01.09.17 - Waymo Self-Driving Car

While the project that was the Google self-driving car is now headed to the new company called Waymo, it will still be a sibling to Google under the Alphabet umbrella of companies. This car has logged more miles than Uber or Lyft combined when it comes to self-driving with over 2.3 million miles on the road and a large number of impressive situations that have made it possible for these cars to have brought back data that is able to better understand human driving and make changes based upon what many drivers will do on the road.

Now that the Google car is under Waymo, what happens to the partnership with FCA that was created months ago? If you remember, Google partnered with FCA to help put more advanced technology into the Chrysler Pacifica minivan and work toward creating a fleet of self-driving minivans that are built to give us the technology we need. Now that Waymo is being created and the goal of this company will be to bring ride sharing services that are similar to Uber and Lyft, is a partnership with FCA still needed and will it still continue to be a part of where Google technology is put in these vans?

Actually, the partnership and technology development will continue but the plan is to move the research and development of this tech to Waymo to help create a variety of sized vehicles that can be the ride sharing vehicles of the future. This makes it possible that Alphabet might look for more partners to bring into Waymo and help develop the self-driving technology that can be fitted on different models of vehicles. If this happens will Waymo continue to build its own vehicles as part of the plan or will they change and work with car makers for the vehicles needed to be filled with great tech?

It’s hard to say what the future of this company will be and how the technology will be used. While we know Google, we don’t know Waymo and even fewer of us are familiar with Alphabet. There may be a need in the ride sharing vision of Waymo for them to continue to build their own vehicles and create the models that are already fitted with this tech, but eventually we do need larger vehicles, at least larger than what we originally saw on the Google self-driving car.

While we could say Google is getting out of the self-driving car segment of the world, nothing could be farther from the truth. With this move by Alphabet to put Waymo in its own company name and be the right car company for this self-driving tech will allow this new company to fully focus on coming up with the right self-driving features to fit into the vehicles that are being used. This is an exciting time and will be right for the drive of the future that we all know is coming, but it’s going to take a long time before this tech and the vehicles on the road are all self-driving.

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