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10.26.16 - Empty Gas

It’s been a while, but many of us have heard some people joke about “E” on the fuel gauge representing “Enough” when it comes to the fuel that’s remaining in the tank. While this certainly isn’t the case and you should keep a proper amount of fuel in the tank to make sure you can drive at least to the next station, chances are the manufacturer of your vehicle already thought of this and took the time to do it for you.

Most vehicles of the modern day don’t just rely on you watching your fuel gauge, instead there are warnings, signals and lights that come on to let you know you should stop and get some gas. The question that should be on your mind is how much farther you can drive before you need more gas. This is especially a concern in vehicles that don’t have a readout to tell you exactly how many miles until empty based upon the driving you’re currently doing.

With 2015 being the banner year for new car sales, this seemed to be a fitting year to check and see how much fuel is left in the tank before running out. The chart below will help you know what to expect when the light comes on in your car, if it was made in that year. If it wasn’t most likely you can find your model on the chart and if you happened to have a vehicle that uses the same powertrain as the 2015 models do, you can easily see how much fuel is left and how a far you can go before you have to stop and fill up your tank.

Does this mean you should always push the limits? Absolutely not, keep in mind there are other factors at play when it comes to the overall actual fuel mileage you’ll receive from your engine. The oil life of your oil, the cleanliness of your air filter, the type of driving you’re doing and even the conditions of the driving all play a part in how long this fuel will last you. There have been more people stranded on the side of the road in need of one of the AAA or state owned emergency assistance vehicles because of a lack of fuel than for any other reason in the past several years. These folks all tried to push the limits of what their cars could do before heading to the gas station.

If it doesn’t mean I can push the limits of the fuel, then what? What this means is that once the light comes on you should find a place you can fill up the gas tank, but you do have enough gas to go a few miles and don’t need to pull off and wait for an emergency vehicle just yet. Check out the chart below and know what your vehicle has left for you when the low fuel light comes on in your vehicle.

10.25.16 - Some Chart or Something

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