Audi May have a Tesla Fighter on the Way

10.28.16 - Audi A9 e-Tron

Tesla has an enormous target on itself and it seems as though every single automaker that develops an EV with reasonable range has Tesla in its sights. We’ve seen the new model from Chevrolet, the Bolt that will be able to give us a 200 mile range on a single charge which will compete directly with the Tesla Model 3 when it arrives, but so far we haven’t seen anything brought the market that’s able to compete with the Model S and what Tesla has to offer with this luxury car that’s built to be able to be upgraded.

The Tesla Model S has recently announced it would be powered by a 100 kWh battery pack to give it a range over 300 miles. The Tesla Model S has a variety of ways that owners can have it set up and delivered, which makes it a perfect target for other automakers. Since the world is heading in the direction of EV models and alternative fuels, creating a car that will compete with the Model S seems to make sense, but most of the offerings that have been discussed aren’t even coming close, but Audi may have the answer.

The new Audi that may be called the newest Tesla Fighter in the market will be called the A9 e-Tron and be a larger luxury car with a long hood and a ton of space inside to make it a pure luxury drive. There’s no way Audi will go away from the exceptional interiors they’ve now become known to create, but what makes this car the one that will compete with the Tesla Model is the way its powered and the range this car is expected to offer when driving.

The new A9 e-Tron will use three electric motors, two up front and one in the rear and is to be fitted with a 95 kWh batter pack that will give the car a range of at least 310 miles on a single charge. The power of these three motors will bring in 429 horsepower in total to give this car a way to accelerate faster than the Model S and be an amazing car to drive. Even with these stats, we aren’t done with the A9 e-Tron; it has a few more tricks up it sleeves to make it a car that might just surpass the Model S on the market.

The A9 is going to be built with torque vectoring which allows the power to be shifted from side to side to make handling even better. This car may have a wireless inductive charging option and an auto parking feature to allow it to position itself over a floor mounted charging module. This car may be on the market before the end of the decade to be the perfect way for Audi to have one of the largest and most attractive EV luxury cars offered to us for our driving enjoyment. The goal of Audi is to have close to 25 percent of their sales come from the EV market by 2025, making the A9 e-Tron an extremely important project for them.

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