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07.08.16 - Audi Logo

Even though most of us typically celebrate BMW and Mercedes-Benz as the leaders in the German market for luxury and performance you can’t discount Audi. Audi has been an admirable luxury brand for many years and given us some of the cars we have loved over the years. The Audi brand is part of the Volkswagen Group and has been able to deliver us a lineup of vehicles that have some of the best interiors and most enjoyable performances on the market today. Here are some of the coolest Audi models we have ever enjoyed over the time the brand has been on the market.

Quattro – This was one of the first AWD performance cars on the market. This was before AWD was common in cars, but this car was the one that launched the overall Quattro AWD that we enjoy in the Audi lineup we currently have on the market. This was one of the most important cars ever sold under the Audi name.

R8 – This was the first model that had LED running lights and the grill we now enjoy on the Audi lineup. This was a supercar that was perfect for the drive and gave us a car that was perfect for the ride and engaged us on the road. This car made us truly pay attention to Audi and be a great car to drive.

R8 LMP – In the automotive world a brand that can win at LeMans makes waves and has a chance at being more of a brand that we admire and enjoy than ever before. What this car did for Audi was win at LeMans five of the six times it competed to solidify the name of Audi in our hearts and minds with Audi winning between 2000 and 2005 only missing the win in 2003.

RS2 Avant – The RS moniker is as recognizable as the M for BMW or AMG for Mercedes to be the powerful performance models of the brand. Under the same umbrella as Porsche the RS2 as a car that offered a wagon style but a huge performance and was a model that got things started in the luxury performance world for Audi.

RS5 – This came out as not only a highly attractive car that offered the performance that we wanted to enjoy but the look that impressed us in a huge way. This still wasn’t the direct competitor for the BMW M3 but the RS5 gave us the performance and power we love in the 444 horsepower that was a huge part of the RS5.

RS6 Avant (C6) – What do you get when you put a Lamborghini V10 engine under the hood of a station wagon? Audi asked this same question and came up with this car as the answer to give us a wagon that offers 571 horsepower which was even more powerful than the V10 that was found in the R8 at the time.

S4 (B6) – The S4 has been the car that stood up stoutly to the BMW 340i, but the B6 version took things a step farther. By putting a 4.2-liter V8 under the hood and giving it 339 horsepower the Audi was able to be more powerful than the E46 version of the M3 to give us a car that would tear up the track or the pavement.

Audi TT (8N) – This was the Audi that was built using the Volkswagen Group platform that was present for the Golf, but it was turned into a sports car to give us a great ride. The TT has gotten better in the performance area, but this first model was still one that gave us a great deal of joy as one of the most impressive designs we have ever seen.

Auto Union Type C – This was a car that offered an open wheel look and was the car that raced on the tracks in the early days of auto racing. This car was powered by a supercharged V16 engine that was positioned behind the driver to be a car that had power desired. This car lacked handling for the racing that it competed in but it was an awesome ride.

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