2017 Cadillac ATS: The Class Leader Others Didn’t See Coming

10.28.16 - 2017 Cadillac ATS

There’s no way an American company can build a luxury car as well as a European one, right? Of course not, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been the class of the luxury market for generations and don’t seem to be ready to move over. Besides, isn’t Cadillac the brand for older generations to give them a vehicle that’s similar in size and drive to the hearse they will be shuffled off in once they pass on? If that’s your impression of Cadillac, it’s time to wake up and take a look at a brand that has redefined itself and has taken over the market.

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Coming Back Around for Another Try

10.21.16 - Fisker Logo

Fisker Automotive was mired with the thought of not being able to produce the Fisker Karma in a way that would make the company profitable and sustainable. Henrik Fisker has been around and down this road many times and the Fisker name does carry a specific amount of weight in the automotive industry, unfortunately whenever he tries to build a car on his own it seems to be a losing case. Hopefully his new venture won’t be quite the same result for him, but his recent announcements don’t give us any reason to believe otherwise.

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Which Side Are You On?

10.15.16 - SolarCity Workers

Recent news has surfaced that Tesla Motors will acquire SolarCity which is a solar energy service company. This acquisition has some up at arms wondering not only why Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and chairman of SolarCity, is allowed to perform this acquisition, but what financial sense it can make. In order to discuss this properly we need to look at both sides of this particular coin and see which one comes to the top as the right way for this to be handled. Let’s take a look at what’s going on here.

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2017 Porsche 911: The Tradition Continues

10.04.16 - 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera

If you don’t know the Porsche 911 tradition its time you were introduced. For more than fifty years the 911 has been the symbol of driving and racing excellence. This car has never been the most powerful on the road or track, but it has often been the most agile and easily the most active. The lightweight build and perfect balance of the Porsche 911 has carried on in the automotive industry as one of the sportiest cars to ever be made. With the addition of more options and builds than ever the 911 is a car you will love to drive no matter which one you choose.

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2017 Volvo S90: The Midsized Flagship

09.22.16 - 2017 Volvo S90

Volvo has been anything but conventional for many years. Putting their name on the line in the world of vehicle safety Volvo has developed a stellar reputation for leading the automotive world when it comes to keeping you informed and in place in your vehicle. Recently they developed engine technology we hadn’t seen before that gives us vehicles that have both supercharging and turbocharging to give us fuel efficiency and power. Now, a new Volvo S90 sedan emerges onto the scene to fit in the midsized segment, but with more luxury and features than any other midsized sedan.

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The Comeback We’ve Called For

08.22.16 - 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

When an automaker brings back a vehicle after a long hiatus it’s often met with celebration and expectations of what the vehicle used to be. That might not be what we want to have when Jeep brings back one of the long gone but most admired names that have been part of its history. We’ve already been told the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will both come back to the Jeep brand but you shouldn’t expect to have the wooden sides and 1970s look that were a huge part of the signature look of these two vehicles, instead we will see something more.

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Reducing the Price on a Mini Clubman

08.02.16 - 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman

Do you want a car that shows you a style that is a signature of Britain and appears to have jumped out at you from several decades ago? If you do the price of any of the Mini models might shock you. While Mini is a brand that does deliver on the promise of great looking vehicles and a wide range of choices, you do have to admit they seem a bit pricy compared to what you can buy at the same size from nearly every other brand. Even though you could say “you pay for the name” I don’t see Mini as a luxury brand, making this a moot argument.

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Celebrating an Anniversary in a Big Way

07.12.16 - Ferrari Logo

The job of selecting the right way to celebrate an anniversary is one that can be a task that becomes a full time job for some people. The commitment it takes to be in any relationship for the long haul and last the test of time, tribulations, hardships and even success is one that should be celebrated, especially when the number creeps up near the century mark. One such automotive company has an anniversary they want to celebrate the right way, even though they are still thirty years way from reaching three digits.

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The Focus RS Isn’t Even Old Yet

06.30.16 - 2016 Ford Focus RS

Automakers are an interesting bunch. Even when they give you something new they are often looking to the next iteration of that item to keep the lineup and models fresh in your mind. If you drive the Focus RS and enjoy all the power that a small turbocharged four-cylinder engine can give you along with the dynamics of the nearly flawless AWD system that has been admired as one of the best you might not think there is anything that could top this vehicle. Even though the Focus RS is new to the market, Ford is already discussing the possibility of something even better.

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Pickup Truck or Luxury Car?

06.02.16 - 2016 Audi A6

When faced with this dilemma the first thing you have to know is what your lifestyle calls for. Do you spend most of your time driving in traffic before and after work? Do you work in an office and wear a suit to work? Sounds like you should choose the luxury car right? Maybe not. What if you like the idea of having a pickup truck with the added space of a truck bed that can be the perfect extended trunk? Are you going to give up a great deal of comfort in a pickup truck versus a luxury car, do you really have to make a choice like this?

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