Is it Time for a Rough and Ready EV?

03.17.17 - Bollinger Motors

The typical EV model is right for you to enjoy the ride but comes in a typically small and impressive build that normally has an eye for added range from the aerodynamics and the style of the vehicle. With this limitation it becomes harder to believe that EV models could ever move beyond this and become powerful and efficient enough to be put in large SUV or pickup trucks for us to enjoy what these massive machines can give us when we want the right vehicle to drive for the work we have to get done.

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You Want Fun, We’ve Got Fun

03.08.17 - Mazda6

Cars can be fun to drive and they really should be at nearly every level of driving. The car that’s the poster child of fun is the Mazda MX-5 Miata but that’s not the only fun car on the road. There are other cars that are fun as well and can give you the ride you’re looking for when you need a bit of driving therapy. These cars aren’t the fastest on four wheels and they don’t come at a high price making them some of the best cars to drive when you want something active and fun that can give you the ride you’ve been after.

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Is the Hemi Headed for Extinction?

02.27.17 - Hemi Engine

Whenever an automaker announces changes in their lineup, especially changes that affect several models the idea that some aspects of those vehicles will no longer be offered becomes a reality. Most of the time the “out with the old, in with the new” concept is an answer to help improve the performance of that particular part of the car, no matter how much it was loved. One of the most loved aspects of the FCA lineup of Dodge, Ram and Jeep vehicles is the Hemi engine and what it means to those of us who want to enjoy the ride on the road.

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2017 Subaru Crosstrek: Trimmed and Fattened at the Same Time

02.20.17 - Subaru Crosstrek

When you see a vehicle that sounds like it could be a good idea in theory but once put into practice isn’t quite what it should have been you wonder why that vehicle ever made it to the market. While the Crosstrek from Subaru is a model that we love, the hybrid version never gave us anything special to enjoy which is one reason that trim has been cut from the lineup for 2017. This leaves us with a Subaru Crosstrek that offers us the most impressive SUV performance in this class with the full time AWD and higher ride that allows this subcompact crossover SUV to go places its competitors wouldn’t.

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Fantasies and Creativity Unleashed

02.13.17 - Jeep CJ66 Concept

If we didn’t want to see something amazing we wouldn’t have shows every year where companies can show off their creativity and what they have piling up in the back of their minds. The SEMA show is one of the most creativity driven expos on the circuit today and allows us to see just what some automakers and many upfitter companies are coming up with to put on the road. This is the show where we see vehicles that have more of what we want on them and some that are presented in ways that we many have never thought about.

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New Ram Trucks are Coming

02.01.17 - Ram 1500

The Ram pickup truck with its large big rig front end has been around for a long time. Originally sold under the Dodge brand, the Ram brand was created for the truck fleet of FCA and has been a huge success. Time and again the Ram 1500 has been an award winning truck that offers up tons of equipment and capability for us to enjoy the ride. The only drawback to the Ram truck lineup right now is the fact that its aging and with a new generation it’s time for Ram to embrace a few changes that can be made to improve this truck brand.

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Sometimes You Have to Wonder

01.25.17 - Dodge Logo

There are those times when you look at something from the past and wonder “what were thinking” and other times when you’re just completely amazed by the fact that we could be entertained by some ads. Some cultures do still run over the top and completely crazy ads that capture our attention which certainly amaze those of us in a more subdued society, but at one time we even saw ads that were over the tip and seemed to be just a little too much. While this particular ad is in Spanish, it was one that captured our attention during the days of older Dodge models.

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The Future of Infiniti is Coming

01.14.17 - Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti is the luxury arm of Nissan and it’s a brand we’ve trusted for years to give us exceptional style and performance in vehicles that are perfect for the ride and offer us the dynamics we want. If you want comfort, quality and style in your luxury vehicle, the engineering inside an Infiniti vehicle can give you everything you want to enjoy on the road. As this brand advances and continues to make the improvements we want to see on the automotive market we may be in for a serious treat when it comes to what Infiniti has coming for us in the future.

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The New Hyundai Brand is Already Expanding

01.10.17 - Genesis G80

For 2017 Hyundai has taken the bold plunge and put its luxury models into their own brand, named after the most popular luxury car in its segment, the Genesis. This new Genesis brand brings us two great models for 2017, the G80 and the G90. The G80 has been built of the previous Hyundai Genesis lineup and the G90 is the new derivative of the Equus luxury sedan. These two do make a formidable place to start a brand that has plans to move into the SUV segment in the near future, but we have already been presented with a new addition to the lineup.

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Hyundai is Making the IONIQ a Completely Different Experience

01.06.17 - Hyundai IONIQ

The goal of automakers today is to create mobility solutions for us, not just produce vehicles that we want to drive. This means creating vehicles, the shopping experience, the test drive and the overall ownership of a vehicle that is as ingrained in our lives as smartphones have become n the past few years. For Hyundai, this challenge will be met with the IONIQ which is coming to the US market in the near future for us to enjoy. This car is meant to answer every one of our mobility solutions that come up on a daily basis.

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