What is the Ram ProMaster City

01.31.17 - Ram ProMaster City

That small Ram van you see driving around town with a purpose is a bit of a strange site. This van looks like it came from a version of some of earlier panel vans, but it has more attractive lines and designs than those old boring boxes. This Ram van is the ProMaster City which has been developed from the Fiat Doblo and offers the ability to be either a cargo model or a passenger version to be one of the vehicles that have been trusted more and more as the shuttle van used for a variety of purposes.

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Even when it’s Cold Outside; Warming up Your Car is bad for Your Engine

01.18.17 - Cold Car

Nearly every piece of conventional wisdom has gone out the window over the years because of the changes in technology. Even so, many of us still prescribe to old suggestions and bits of knowledge that were part of automotive care in the past. It’s time to begin to forget anything you knew about cars of the past, especially if you have a car that’s been built in the past decade or so. Today, cars don’t need some of the same care items as we gave them in the past.

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Trucks for the Mud You Wish You Had

01.09.17 - The SHERP

While most truck can handle some trails and even a little bit of mud the thought of a truck that’s practically amphibious is one that has us excited. In our nation heading off road into areas where the mud gets deep and water can swirl around you is a luxury but in some countries it necessary to cross an area after a rainstorm that’s been put under water. Having a truck that can cross these areas makes a huge difference in bringing supplies and food to those on the other side of that region, but these trucks are also ones we’d like to have in the US to enjoy the fun of crossing areas of deeper mud and muck.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack: A New Car to Bring the Wagon Back

01.03.17 - Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

We know all about the Volkswagen Golf and have admired it for many years. The Golf has had a variant on the market in the form of the SportWagen that was made to be a wagon that we would love. This version of the Golf is admirable and enjoyable, but not quite what we want when we’re looking for a vehicle that has the ground clearance of an SUV but the size and cargo space of the SportWagen. In comes the Golf Alltrack which is built on the same platform but feels like a tiny and squat SUV for us to drive.

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New Considerations When Used Car Shopping

12.19.16 - Used Car Lot

Hybrid and EV models have now been on the market for a few years and that means we are entering a brand new market of used cars as much as we are entering times when new cars are developing. There are plenty of things you need to enjoy when you head out and look for used cars in the changing world of vehicles. There are more electronic components than ever, making it even more difficult for you to make sure you have the right vehicle to drive and enjoy on the road. When you’re looking for some great EV and Hybrid models to choose from here are some tips that can help you find the right one for you.

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2017 Audi A5: Midsized Luxury with Amazing Style

12.06.16 - Audi A5

When you want a car that’s perfect to drive there’s only one brand you should turn to. This brand is Audi and they have been doing something right for a long time. Yes, the Audi styling is elegant and sophisticated, yes the ride is smooth, confident and planted, but what they’ve done better than any other brand is create the interior style and comfort that makes a huge difference for you from behind the wheel. You spend all of your time in the cabin of your car, why shouldn’t that be in the best interior on the market today.

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The EV and FCV Markets are Being Led by CARB

11.29.16 - California Flag

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) are types of vehicles that feel like a passing fad to many of us who drive on a daily basis. Currently it takes many hours to recharge even the most efficient BEV and FCV models can only be refueled at some hydrogen refueling stations, for which there’s no real infrastructure right now. While this may seem like a hopeless venture when considering the number of gas stations around the country and the range offered by simply filling up on gas one organization has put its foot down to ensure the success of BEV and FCV models.

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Is Volkswagen in Hot Water Again?

11.22.16 - Audi A6

It hasn’t been that long, and all parts of the restitution aren’t even completed yet, since Volkswagen was found out and their diesel cars and SUVs were taken off the market. This affected Audi as well and to a lesser degree Porsche, but the 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter diesel engines from Volkswagen have caused a huge stink over the past year and the result is emissions that are severely over the allowable limit along with a costly program to reimburse those who have been wronged during this scandal, including the dealerships that lost sales because of this problem.

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Now Your Camaro will be a Little Cheaper

11.14.16 - Chevrolet Camaro

Don’t tell me you don’t love a great deal. When you want to buy a vehicle you know you look for value and try hard to get the most you can for your money, which is exactly what you should do. With this in mind, one company has taken their sports car and made it even more affordable for you so that you can have a car that’s what you expect it to be but comes in at a price that’s a little lower than it was last year. Amazingly, this company is Chevrolet and the car in question is the Camaro.

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The Holidays are Coming, Are You Prepared?

11.08.16 - Please Kill Me

It’s still too early to have all your shopping done and you certainly don’t need to be concerned about the food you’ll serve yet, but with the holidays comes more travel and more time in the car than at any other time of the year. Whether you need to drag the kids around for the shopping excursions or you are preparing to head out on a long road trip to the family to see relatives you will have kids in the car that need to be kept occupied. It’s time to prepare to ward off their boredom now so you can survive the holiday travels in peace.

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