Awesome Power and Looks

Cadillac ATS-V

What happens when you put a 3.6-liter V6 turbocharged engine inside a Cadillac ATS? It becomes the ATS-V model and brings 445 horsepower and 445 lb.-ft. of torque to the party to draw a great deal of attention. Now if this was the power offering for a heavy sports car this would most likely be the beginning model and not impress us at all, but the fact this nearly Corvette like power is seated firmly in the ATS making the ATS have enough power to compete easily with the BMW M3/M4. This awesome engine is mated to a six speed manual or the awesome eight-speed automatic transmission that is found in the Corvette.

Having a manual transmission offering in the crowded field of competitors that sees the Audi RS 5, Lexus RC-F and Mercedes AMG C63 all playing their roles allows Cadillac to give luxury drivers an option that will give them what they want to have in their car. Of the cars listed thus far the only other one that offers a manual is the BMW M3/M4 pairing, giving us only a couple of high-performing luxury models that give a driver the feeling of being completely mated to the driving experience.

Over the past several years, with the complete restyling of the Cadillac lineup, offerings from this long time highly regarded luxury filled name badge have turned from being just cars of comfort and class to ones that offer this plus high performance and a great deal of fun while driving. With the shapely design that has several angles across the front that all seem to find a way to lead the eye toward the rear of the car, Cadillac shows off with a lineup of cars that will make anyone proud to have a Cadillac in their driveway and give the feeling of fun rather than just the seriousness that used to be what the Cadillac name was all about.

Adding the V badge to the ATS name means the ATS-V is full of amazing performance features for any driver to fully appreciate the increased performance of the car. These features include a prominent hood scoop, quad exhaust tips, bigger wheels and tires and an awesome looking body kit. Continuing this distinction of the V-Series model to the inside, the ATS-V includes an Alcantara steering wheel and V-series badging on the Recaro seats ensuring there is no way to misunderstand this car.

Having a high performance line of cars under a luxury name gives Cadillac a series interest among the younger successful professionals who are more than capable of enjoying the awesome features and functions offered on any of the V-Series cars from Cadillac. Heading north of the $60,000 price range puts the ATS-V in the market of these exciting executives who want to have a car they feel reflects their personality by offering them all the equipment and performance they need to enjoy the ride. With this car heading to the market later this year for the 2016 model year anyone looking for an awesome new Caddy will be able to have one and even get it with the manual gearbox if desired.

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