Burnouts are Cool But…

01.18.17 - Car Burning Out

Learning how to make your car perform some of the actions we see on racetracks with the most talented drivers in the world is always a lot of fun. Who among us hasn’t tried to turn donuts in a parking lot or to perform burnouts when leaving from a scene. These dramatic ways to drive a car are testosterone driven ways to have a lot of fun in a car, but there has to be some control in place when you consider performing anything that’s going to create more heat and friction than normal.  If you are going to make this mistake and should you need to work on your engine after wrecking it, make sure you use Genuine Parts to do so.

The reason for the caution isn’t because your car can’t handle the challenge, most cars that are capable of performing burnouts and donuts can handle a lot of challenges while driving. The caution that needs to be in place is caused by the factors in place at the location chosen for these events. Imagine if you will, increasing the heat and friction while adding and extremely flammable fuel such as gasoline to the environment. Most likely that would result in some form of a fire and cause an uncontrolled flame that could become a serious problem for everyone in the area.

Now that you’ve thought about that mixture, imagine if the gasoline was in a nearly unlimited supply at the location. This could be more than just flammable, but it could also be explosive as gasoline tends to be. Think about dropping a match or lit cigarette at a gas station and you’ll have an idea of just how quickly gasoline can ignite. While many people try to be careful at fueling stations when they pump, there is almost always some fuel on the ground just waiting to be ignited and the best way to avoid this is to keep the heat and friction to a minimum.

Unfortunately, a couple of guys who were simply trying to show off the fact they could perform and capture on video a burnout, chose the wrong place for the burnout to take place. According to the video the owner of the BMW M3 is the subject of many challenges to perform burnouts in random places, but they probably should have avoided the gas station as one of those location. Not only should they have avoided the gas station, but they should have made sure the fuel nozzle was put back on the pump before taking off in the car.

In the video below you’ll see the driver take off from the pump with the nozzle still attached. His buddy behind the camera is laughing the entire time, but if something had started to flame up he might not have been laughing nearly as much. Thankfully nothing appears to have been damaged on the pump or the car and no flames took place, but this was a seriously stupid place to do a burnout. You should enjoy your car and have fun doing donuts and burnouts where allowed, but the gas station is one of the worst places for this increased heat and friction to be present; please be smarter than these two in this video.

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