Car Hacks that Will Help You Enjoy Your Car More Than Ever

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You bought a new, or at least new to you, car and want to keep it nice.  Other than just being careful about who you let ride with you and what they are allowed to do inside your car you need to have a few tips and tricks on the right way to maintain the look of your new vehicle.  Unless you want to take your car to the detailer on a regular basis it’s important for you to know what you should do, here are some ideas that just might help you save money and let you handle the job yourself.

Steel Wool – Other than cleaning rust off objects, and your car windshield certainly won’t be getting rusty, you might not know what steel wool is good for.  This material, with the 0000 Extra Fine rating is actually great for removing tree sap and other sticky substances that can be stuck on your windows and windshield.  This is safe to use and won’t scratch the glass, it’s been recommended by the manufacturer for this purpose and is how a car detailer will also remove these substances from your windshield.

Staple Remover What purpose could a staple remover have in your car unless you make your car a mobile office?  Good question.  This item is the right tool to separate your key ring and make it easier for you to put keys on or take them off the ring.  By placing the teeth between the rings and pressing down you can separate the rings and slide the keys on and off with ease.  This can certainly avoid broken nails or unnecessary wear on your fingers which might already be taking a beating from other aspects of your life.

Dryer Sheets – If you know there are rodents in your area or you just want to avoid the problem of having mice and rats getting into your engine compartment and chewing on the wires this trick might sound a bit odd but it works.  Place dryer sheets in spaces of your engine compartment where they are out of the way.  When you do this the smell of the dryer sheets will repel the rodents and save your wires.  You have to remember to change the sheets regularly but you will now have a rodent free and dryer fresh smelling engine compartment to keep your car humming along.

Seat WarmerIf your car has a seat warmer this feature can have multiple purposes for you.  First of all its there to let your passenger feel more comfortable riding along with you in a warm and cozy seat; you gotta love that aspect of it.  Secondly you can use this feature to keep your takeout food warm on the ride home.  This is especially necessary in areas where you live away from town or have slow traffic that would delay the arrival of the food to your home by a decent amount of time.

The Glove Box – Incorrectly named because nearly everyone keeps other items in this space other than gloves, many automakers have installed air conditioning vents that feed into your glove box.  This is in place to let you keep drinks cold, which you can do very easily by running your air conditioning along your ride.  You might not see the feature advertised anymore because car companies that did this were often ridiculed, but they still install this feature and it has this one purpose for you to take full advantage of it and have some cooled down drinks when you arrive at your destination.

Plastic Container – A plastic container with a hinged lid to open a small amount can make the perfect trash can in your vehicle.  With a locking lid port you can close the lid and be confident the items won’t spill out and also line it with a garbage back to be the perfect trash can.  If it tips over, it’s not as likely to spill as a container with a fully open top.  This is a great way to keep your vehicle clean when you have children that ride along, or even for yourself as you never know what trash you might accumulate in your vehicle.

Static Cling Tinted Plastic – Whether your vehicle has an area up front that your visors just won’t cover to block out the sun or you have a vehicle with large windows that could use a little sunshade to make passengers comfortable this is a great idea.  Pilots use tinted vinyl to block the sun out and the manufacturer claim it will absorb 78 percent of the visible light to give you some relief.  Because it’s stuck on with static you can reposition it as often as you want without worry of a sticky residue being left behind.

Coat Hooks – What is the least used feature of your vehicle?  Even if you can’t think of them it’s probably the coat hooks.  These are not as useful as they once were, but you can repurpose them to be a great way to have added storage along your roof line by installing a bungee net attached to these hooks to give you a great place to store gloves, hats, small toys and much more.  Having items in this space allows them to dry after being used in the water and keeps them up off the floor for you.

Use Your HeadWhen you need to find your car in a crowded lot and all you have is your key fob, if you aren’t in range it can be difficult.  By placing the key fob under your chin and allowing it to touch your chin you can actually increase the range of your key fob by as much as twenty feet.  The fluids in your head help to be a good conductor and add range to the fob to make it easier for you to find your vehicle in a lot even if you are farther away than the normal range.

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