A Car You Need to be Cautious of

01.06.17 - Beat Up Car

When you live in some areas of the US where snow and ice are a traditional part of each year and the winter months there are some driving experiences that you know you need to be cautious of and wary of. One is having a beater of a car that is meant for the winter months. There’s nothing wrong, in fact its encouraged, to have a cheap car that you don’t mind getting beat around on the road when you have winter driving to do, but you need to know what you’re getting when you buy a cheap car. I’ve written a few tips below, but if you want something more in-depth, I definitely recommend listening to this Lehto’s Law podcast.

When I say cheap, I mean a $500 car that you found on Craigslist and had to go somewhere sketchy just to meet with the previous owner and pick up the car. This car is the one that will get you through the winter months, maybe. The reality is a car this cheap is probably going to give you no more than what you pay for it. Most vehicles can have this much value in their parts when they don’t drive at all, now you’re asking a car to be that cheap and get you through the winter months without any work or worry.

As you consider the purchase of a cheap vehicle that’s only meant for winter, you need to consider the items you will be responsible for. The car needs to be able to make it through the state inspection and offer you the ride that will get you from one place to another every day. That’s a lot to ask for only $500. You might spend more in tires than the vehicle is worth and if you buy something that doesn’t at least have AWD you might have a hard time controlling the car on the road when it gets snowy and slick.

There is certainly not going to be a warranty on a car at this price. Yes, there are a few gems out there, but you will be better off buying a car that can reliably get you through the winter months without work or worry. Think about it, if you have a car that you spend $500 on, what’s the likelihood you will end up on the side of the road with this car when it breaks down? Add to this the fact that you’re asking this car to perform during the harshest, coldest and most difficult months of the year. No doubt you’ll end up stranded in the negative temps and in a blizzard when you buy a car like this.

Instead of the $500 cheapo that you don’t mind getting beaten up, buy a second vehicle with the capability you need that can be used occasionally during the rest of the year as well. This way you will put fewer miles on your daily car during the other three seasons and have a reliable rider the will ensure you get from one place to another even during the harsh winter months.

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