2017 Hyundai Veloster: Fun and Value in One Package

The Veloster has been confused about where it belongs in the automotive market, but we still love it. This car offers only three entry doors for passengers, which is a bit odd, but it also gives you a sporty look and a feel that you can’t deny. The rear hatch opens up to a cavernous cargo area and with the addition of the turbocharged model a couple years ago this car does have respectable power. Is it a hot hatch, is a practical choice, is it even a good car to buy; no matter what this car is or isn’t, it’s definitely fun to drive.

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Continuing the Training: Autonomous Driving

Continuing the Training Autonomous Driving

When you think of autonomous driving and what it will mean for the future are you excited or frightened? Regardless of how you feel about it, this future of driving seems inevitable and eventually will be a reality. As you head out to your vehicle to go to work or to make a trip to the store, think about all the different aspects of driving that you encounter during even a short drive. You could have children playing nearby and need to take evasive action to make sure you don’t run them over, you might need to slow for traffic that has gotten backed up or you might hear the sirens of an oncoming emergency vehicle.

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2017 Hyundai Accent: Serious Value with Impressive Equipment

2017 Hyundai Accent

For many years one of the most impressive selling features of the Hyundai lineup has been the long warranty on the power train. This ten-year/100,000 miles warranty has been offered across the lineup and given us what we want to enjoy on the road when it comes to peace of mind, but what if you still need more value? This is where the Hyundai Accent comes in. This is a car that comes to you as a stylish subcompact car that offers the ride quality you want and the equipment you need in a package that makes it easy for you to afford the price.

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Mazda is Working to Make Diesel Cool Again

Mazda is working to make diesel cool again, starting with the CX-5.

For many years the diesel engine was thought of as reserved for trucks, especially semi-trucks as they trudge along bringing huge trailers loaded with materials to their destinations. At some point automakers started putting diesel engines into smaller passenger vehicles which meant more of us could begin to learn how this type of fuel worked. The diesel engine was originally thought of as a dirty engine that was used only for hauling and carrying but the tradeoff was a huge amount of pollutants in the air. As the diesel made it into passenger cars the only concern was whether or not this engine burned clean enough.

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An Awesome Hyper Car made a Debut in Geneva

03.29.17 - Vanda Electrics Dendrobium

As the place where more cars are making their mark and showing up to debut what we’ll want to see on the market we’ve seen a ton of great supercars that have cross the stage in Geneva. Something has to be special for a relatively unknown name to make it to this show and be something we want to talk about and the Dendrobium from Vanda Electrics is a car that certainly gives us a great look and some impressive features that have made it worthy of at least one discussion.

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Timeless Modern Cars

03.21.17 - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Some cars get old and go out of style but others are the cars you want to drive and enjoy every day. These special cars are the ones we restore, the ones we keep in pristine condition and the ones that we want to enjoy on those special days when it calls for something better to drive. Whether or not these cars are worth much on the market is irrelevant, the cars you want to drive that have come around recently can be the cars you want to keep on driving for the next several decades. Take a look at some of these instant timeless classics:

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Famous Customization Celebrated

03.11.17 - Mopar Dodge Challenger

While we tend to celebrate different automotive brands on a regular basis, the celebration of a company that offers the parts and features that make cars better and more enjoyable can be sometimes overlooked but not this time. When the name of the company is Mopar, which is a car customization company that’s been partnered with Dodge for many years, it’s time to celebrate. For the past 80 years Mopar has been offering the upgrades we love on our vehicles and has been a significant partner of the brands we know and trust for many years, making it an important part of our culture.

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A Style Showing at Monterey

11.01.16 - Aston Martin DB11

The Monterey Car Week gave us some of the most glorious vehicles that have ever been built to showcase and admire. One of the newcomers to the show that brings in an impressive history and shows off as one of the most impressive brand and vehicles on the circuit was the Aston Martin DB11. This show was the US debut of this new ultra-luxurious sports car that will be the next coming of the James Bond car that we all admire. Of course the DB11 wasn’t the only thing on display from Aston Martin during this show.

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Car Hacks that Will Help You Enjoy Your Car More Than Ever

Life Hack Car

You bought a new, or at least new to you, car and want to keep it nice.  Other than just being careful about who you let ride with you and what they are allowed to do inside your car you need to have a few tips and tricks on the right way to maintain the look of your new vehicle.  Unless you want to take your car to the detailer on a regular basis it’s important for you to know what you should do, here are some ideas that just might help you save money and let you handle the job yourself. Read more

The Minivan Market has Some Interesting Features

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

While the minivans from Honda, Toyota and Nissan seem to continue to be highly advertised and produced to sell with good comfort and style, the Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country are about the only family minivans still made by any of the “Detroit Big 3”.  While you can still buy a new minivan for a good price, and if you want a new one that offers great features that you can load it up with to keep the passengers entertained there are some considerations you should make before you buy a minivan new.

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