Using Pictures Instead of Sensors

Using Pictures Instead of Sensors

When cars are set up with autonomous technology or help to contribute the overall mapping network that we have with some of the vehicles and systems in place the need is to have some information transmitted using the information provided. All this data floating around with the sensors and the intelligent cars on the road could be slowed down with more vehicles on the same network in the future. Because of this, there is a need to make sure data can be delivered in a way that’s more efficient and uses less data than what the sensors offer.

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A Classic Car That’s Hard to Drive

A Classic Car Thats Hard to Drive

When you’re ready to take your own classic car out on the road for a drive that you want to enjoy and have on the road you typically make sure you have a vehicle that can twist and turn on the road when you’re behind the wheel. Even if you only plan to take your car out on the track, it normally needs to be able to turn and make its way around the corners that you see at the track, but there are some cars that aren’t built this way and never have been.

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Making Room for the Next Step: Volkswagen Atlas

Making Room for the Next Step: Volkswagen Atlas.

The Volkswagen brand is one that has been admired and respected for several decades and they have had an intuitive way of offering us more of what we want on the market for several years. We love the sedan and hatchbacks offered and even admire the SUVs that have made their way to the market. Recently Volkswagen has announced the want to expand their SUV offerings in the US. This makes perfect sense because the SUV market was the best-selling segment last year, but a recent announcement may leave us scratching our collective heads a bit.

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If You Love BMWs

If you love BMWs

The BMW M3 has been known as the perfect driving machine for many years and it’s hard to argue with that claim. The M3 is a car that’s athletic, built with just the right balance of weight and power, gives you a dynamic steering system and suspension and is easily one of the most engaged with the road on the market. If you love the drive and the performance that BMW has to offer there is a place you need to go later this month to have the fun of witnessing what cars from this brand can and will do.

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The Right Move for 2018 by Volkswagen

03.03.17 - Volkswagen Tiguan

While the VW brand is working toward the electrification of their lineup they can’t deny the success that’s been part of the US market for SUVs over the past several years. Because of this success the brand has redesigned and remade the Volkswagen Tiguan for 2018 and has recently shown it off at the North American International Auto Show. this new SUV is growing by being longer and more capable to attract a larger audience of shoppers that would love to have this SUV for their daily driving duties. This new version of the SUV will continue to make good use of the space and convenience offered while providing the performance agility and value we want to enjoy.

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Not Just a Tesla Challenger; a True Tesla Killer

11.28.16 - NIO EP9

For the past few years there have been several Chinese companies that have been interested and researching how to make an EV that can go faster. Some investors from this area have put their money into American companies while others have developed on their own. It seems we now have an EV that is actually faster than the Tesla Model S P100D. If that’s the case then this new model has taken down the EV giant, Tesla, which won’t be kept down for long. Let’s take a look at what this new car is.

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The Automotive Party Continues

10.27.16 - 2006 Saleen S7

It seems like we have a new celebration of an event in the automotive industry each and every week. Since there have been so many different and highly successful automotive brands through the years it’s easy to see how some would want to celebrate, especially if they’ve had continued longevity in the business. Most recently a boutique automaker has announced they will celebrate an important occasion in their history with a car that will give us something impressive to admire and enjoy. This brand is Saleen and the S7 is making a return but in a different way than we’re used to.

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Coming Back Around for Another Try

10.21.16 - Fisker Logo

Fisker Automotive was mired with the thought of not being able to produce the Fisker Karma in a way that would make the company profitable and sustainable. Henrik Fisker has been around and down this road many times and the Fisker name does carry a specific amount of weight in the automotive industry, unfortunately whenever he tries to build a car on his own it seems to be a losing case. Hopefully his new venture won’t be quite the same result for him, but his recent announcements don’t give us any reason to believe otherwise.

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Will 3D Printed Cars be the Next Manufacturing System Used

3D Printed Car

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has already spoken on the topic of the money wasted in the design and manufacturing of cars, but what he probably did not expect to see was a car that has been built completely differently.  Currently, and for the past hundred years, we have built cars on assembly lines with thousands of individual parts put together but one company is challenging this ide and showing us examples of how to build cars without using this production model.  This company is Local Motors and CEO Jay Rogers shows us how to build a car a different way. Read more

2016 Chevrolet Colorado:  The Midsized Truck You Want

2016 Chevrolet Colorado

When it came back on the market the Chevrolet Colorado did not offer a diesel engine at all but now it does.  For this new model year the Colorado not only ups the selections with the diesel but also increases the towing to 7,700 pounds and brings in even better fuel mileage.  All this might be a bit boring so the Colorado also adds the Apple CarPlay, a new off road package known as the “Trail boss” and plenty of great safety and driver assistance features.  The Colorado is certainly not a boring midsized truck you have to settle for but a great workhorse that gives you good fuel mileage and a lot of awesome features to love and enjoy. Read more

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