A Car You Need to be Cautious of

01.06.17 - Beat Up Car

When you live in some areas of the US where snow and ice are a traditional part of each year and the winter months there are some driving experiences that you know you need to be cautious of and wary of. One is having a beater of a car that is meant for the winter months. There’s nothing wrong, in fact its encouraged, to have a cheap car that you don’t mind getting beat around on the road when you have winter driving to do, but you need to know what you’re getting when you buy a cheap car. I’ve written a few tips below, but if you want something more in-depth, I definitely recommend listening to this Lehto’s Law podcast.

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Record Rides that Cost Dearly

01.03.17 - Uber

For some reason there are those in our midst who have started to think of ride sharing services as long distance travel options for them to take wherever they want to go. While a ride in your neighborhood using Uber can be inexpensive and easy for you to afford, going outside your city or county could be a costly way to use Uber, Lyft or any other ride sharing service to get where you want to go. In some cases, this may feel like the only option, but the problem may be chalked up to a new problem; Uber dependency.

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New Considerations When Used Car Shopping

12.19.16 - Used Car Lot

Hybrid and EV models have now been on the market for a few years and that means we are entering a brand new market of used cars as much as we are entering times when new cars are developing. There are plenty of things you need to enjoy when you head out and look for used cars in the changing world of vehicles. There are more electronic components than ever, making it even more difficult for you to make sure you have the right vehicle to drive and enjoy on the road. When you’re looking for some great EV and Hybrid models to choose from here are some tips that can help you find the right one for you.

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Slowing Trucks Down

12.12.16 - Semi Truck

Unfortunately when a big rig, especially one that’s been loaded down with product, is in a wreck it can be fatal for everyone involved. How many of us have driven past an eighteen-wheeler that’s been turned over and hoped the driver was ok? Imagine these large trucks involved in a wreck with other, smaller vehicles and the image is gruesome and alarming. How can we make it so these massive product movers are able to be safer and avoid being in a collision as often as they are? This is question posed to the NHTSA and the DOT which together came up with a possible solution.

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The EV and FCV Markets are Being Led by CARB

11.29.16 - California Flag

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) are types of vehicles that feel like a passing fad to many of us who drive on a daily basis. Currently it takes many hours to recharge even the most efficient BEV and FCV models can only be refueled at some hydrogen refueling stations, for which there’s no real infrastructure right now. While this may seem like a hopeless venture when considering the number of gas stations around the country and the range offered by simply filling up on gas one organization has put its foot down to ensure the success of BEV and FCV models.

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The Story Continues Next Summer

11.28.16 - Lightning McQueen

We love our movies, we love our cars and if we have kids we typically love animation as well. You don’t have to be a parent to love animation, and what Pixar has done on the silver screen with the movies they have put out over the years has given us some impressive entertainment to enjoy in theaters. This gives us a reason to prepare for a new movie next summer which will be a continuation of a story we’ve enjoyed in two previous movies already. Cars 3 will be in theaters on June 16, 2017 and awe already have a sneak peek trailer to share.

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How Do You Want to Wake Up?

11.21.16 - The Grand Tour

Most mornings of our lives we have to be woken up with an alarm clock of some sort. These devices cut into our slumber and interrupt or dreams only to tell us it’s time to get ready for the new day and what that day has to offer us. We need these devices so that we don’t miss out on events or schedules that we try to keep which can even mean our kids are counting on us to be able to get them up as we’re their alarm clocks, at least when they are young and need our help.

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Don’t Ignore the Warnings

11.09.16 - Empty Gas

“E means Enough,” “the fuel gauge is just a guideline,” “I know my car,” are all things you’ve probably heard from a variety of people who have been stranded on the side of the road in one way or another. While cars of today will give you a ton of warnings when the fuel is low there are still many of us who ignore these warnings and still try and push the fuel to its last drop before adding more to the tank. This really is a bad practice to be in from a mechanical standpoint as much as from a safety one.

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Why Wasn’t This Done Originally?

11.09.16 - 1981 DeLorean DMC-12

Many of us are fans of The Back to the Future series and admire the ingenuity that Doc Brown put into creating a time machine out of a DeLorean. This is a car that was made to be a sports car and offer a lightweight build that could go fast and give us the gullwing doors, which seemed to be a staple of 1980s supercars. The only problem was the fact that John DeLorean ended up out of business before he could get started, the DeLorean DMC-12 models became something of a collector’s item and a car that eventually stood for being the symbol of a time travelling device in Hollywood.

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The Holidays are Coming, Are You Prepared?

11.08.16 - Please Kill Me

It’s still too early to have all your shopping done and you certainly don’t need to be concerned about the food you’ll serve yet, but with the holidays comes more travel and more time in the car than at any other time of the year. Whether you need to drag the kids around for the shopping excursions or you are preparing to head out on a long road trip to the family to see relatives you will have kids in the car that need to be kept occupied. It’s time to prepare to ward off their boredom now so you can survive the holiday travels in peace.

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