Taking on a Semi-Truck can be Deadly

08.10.16 - Semi-Truck

We see these large vehicles on the road on a daily basis as they are heading to their destination with their load in tow. Many semi-trucks are equipped with the most advanced technology and most professional drivers we can ask for, but even though these experts are behind the wheel is no reason for you to challenge one in any way. Even though you should always give semis their space we see people who just don’t get it on a daily basis, with that in mind, let’s take a look at why you should avoid certain areas of driving when it comes to these large product haulers.

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Ride Sharing to Celebrate Movies

07.28.16 - Ecto-1

Whenever a new movie is scheduled to release in theaters a variety of industries work to try and grab their share of the fun and enjoyment by offering their own products and services that are themed after the movie. This is especially true and fairly easy when it comes to movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Avengers and any other movie that warrants the use of action figures. While the toy industry and related product arenas can easily capture some of the benefits from these new movie openings, one industry that may be a bit challenged to do so is the ride sharing industry.

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When Fast is Fast Around the ‘Ring

07.24.16 - Nurburgring

Nurburgring is one of the most famous test tracks in the world and it gives us a large circuit of road that offers winding turns, fast straightaways and plenty of elevation changes. The Dodge Viper has actually set the record at the track twice until it was taken over by the Porsche 918 Spyder. While the Viper has not gone back for the third generation run at the record and it’s about to be out of production, here are some fast cars that the Viper bested around this amazing track.

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Warmer Weather Driving Perfection

06.14.16 - Sunny Blue Sky

Do you remember last summer? Did you see all the great convertibles that were driving around your town or at your favorite summer vacation area? Isn’t it time you joined in on the top down fun yourself? Of course it is and you want to know what you should buy so that you can have some of the fun in the sun as well. When you don’t want to buy a new car there are plenty of great used vehicles on the market to have the right convertible for you. These are some of our favorites and ones you should consider for your summer driving fun.

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Take These With You When Off Roading

06.10.16 - Jeep Stuck in Mud

Actually these tools are not just the right choice when off roading, but if it starts to snow or rain you should have some tools with you just in case you could be stuck in the mud, snow or sand. These tools are the right choice to help you get out of being stuck where your tires are spinning and you aren’t going anywhere. Whether you find it corny or a good idea, the Boy Scout Motto of “Be Prepared” is something you should adhere to when you head out, especially in foul weather or if heading to a location to enjoy some off roading experiences.

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Vehicles You Might Not Think about Taking Off Road

06.06.16 - 2017 Bentley Bentayga

The automotive world is full of vehicles that can perform a wide variety of tasks on any road or in the wilderness. Most of the time off road vehicles are put into two categories, 4×4’s and crossovers. The 4×4’s are meant to head out on trails and typically have a box on frame design while the crossovers are made to handle foul weather while still offering a car-like drive that you want to enjoy on the road. There are many crossovers that will surprise you with their capabilities and may even be at a price that makes you not want to take them off road, but these five are some that will really surprise you with their capability in an area that isn’t paved.

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Are the Germans Preventing the Floodgates from Opening?

05.25.16 - German Flag

Was the Volkswagen diesel cheating scandal enough to scare the rest of the German automakers? It seems that is certainly the case. In recent news Mercedes, Audi, Opel, Volkswagen and Porsche all have announced a recall that will affect 630,000 vehicles that are being brought in specifically to address their emissions management software. This is certainly a reaction to the scandal that was discovered by Volkswagen that had been using cheat devices to ensure their vehicles would pass the EPA standards in the US when the vehicles were being tested, which has caused a sense of alarm for the other German automakers.

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Italian Sedans that Have Turned Our Heads

04.19.16 - 1963 Maserati Quattroporte

Most of the time we think of Italian vehicles as the sports cars and the small but fun to drive city cars. We sometimes forget the automakers in Italy have created some of the most interesting and comfortable sedans as well as giving us two opposite ends of the spectrum. We can forget about the growling beasts that make their way on the track for now and the small but fun city cars and let these sedans have the spotlight for a moment even if most of them no longer are made for us to enjoy.

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When Dependability Matters

04.15.16 - 2013 Lexus ES350

Dependability is not something to take lightly. Your car needs to be there for you and take you through the daily driving you encounter without any issues. When you have a car that breaks down on a regular basis you leave dependability in the wind and even getting to work can be a huge challenge for you. If you have decided 2016 is the year you will buy a dependable vehicle that will ensure you can get to and from work each and every day, here is the list from JD Power for you to consider making your own for this new year.

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