Take These With You When Off Roading

06.10.16 - Jeep Stuck in Mud

Actually these tools are not just the right choice when off roading, but if it starts to snow or rain you should have some tools with you just in case you could be stuck in the mud, snow or sand. These tools are the right choice to help you get out of being stuck where your tires are spinning and you aren’t going anywhere. Whether you find it corny or a good idea, the Boy Scout Motto of “Be Prepared” is something you should adhere to when you head out, especially in foul weather or if heading to a location to enjoy some off roading experiences.

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Vehicles You Might Not Think about Taking Off Road

06.06.16 - 2017 Bentley Bentayga

The automotive world is full of vehicles that can perform a wide variety of tasks on any road or in the wilderness. Most of the time off road vehicles are put into two categories, 4×4’s and crossovers. The 4×4’s are meant to head out on trails and typically have a box on frame design while the crossovers are made to handle foul weather while still offering a car-like drive that you want to enjoy on the road. There are many crossovers that will surprise you with their capabilities and may even be at a price that makes you not want to take them off road, but these five are some that will really surprise you with their capability in an area that isn’t paved.

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Are the Germans Preventing the Floodgates from Opening?

05.25.16 - German Flag

Was the Volkswagen diesel cheating scandal enough to scare the rest of the German automakers? It seems that is certainly the case. In recent news Mercedes, Audi, Opel, Volkswagen and Porsche all have announced a recall that will affect 630,000 vehicles that are being brought in specifically to address their emissions management software. This is certainly a reaction to the scandal that was discovered by Volkswagen that had been using cheat devices to ensure their vehicles would pass the EPA standards in the US when the vehicles were being tested, which has caused a sense of alarm for the other German automakers.

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Italian Sedans that Have Turned Our Heads

04.19.16 - 1963 Maserati Quattroporte

Most of the time we think of Italian vehicles as the sports cars and the small but fun to drive city cars. We sometimes forget the automakers in Italy have created some of the most interesting and comfortable sedans as well as giving us two opposite ends of the spectrum. We can forget about the growling beasts that make their way on the track for now and the small but fun city cars and let these sedans have the spotlight for a moment even if most of them no longer are made for us to enjoy.

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When Dependability Matters

04.15.16 - 2013 Lexus ES350

Dependability is not something to take lightly. Your car needs to be there for you and take you through the daily driving you encounter without any issues. When you have a car that breaks down on a regular basis you leave dependability in the wind and even getting to work can be a huge challenge for you. If you have decided 2016 is the year you will buy a dependable vehicle that will ensure you can get to and from work each and every day, here is the list from JD Power for you to consider making your own for this new year.

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You Might Not Actually “See” the Motorcycle

04.09.16 - Motorcycle Accident

We have all heard the tragic stories of a crash between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle that ended with the cyclist being paralyzed or killed. Typically when the driver of the larger vehicle is interview the only answer they give is the fact they didn’t “see” the person on the motorcycle, which actually could be true. As bad as the driver of the larger vehicle may feel, they only can see what their eyes and the picture in their mind allows them to see, which can be only a small portion of the actual visual field around them.

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How Many Stops

02.13.16 - Rest Stop

On a bit of a unique and off the cuff topic there has been a patent filed for an item that most of us might cringe at or wonder why, but when we think of the usefulness we can understand exactly how this new item would benefit us in several different ways. While the reality is this particular technology might never make it into any vehicle we can enjoy the fact that someone has thought of a way to have fewer stops on a long road trip, thus making it much easier for you to make better time on any trip.

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Lemon Law Advice

01.15.16 - Broken Car

The term Lemon Law is used to describe a vehicle that does not work properly or in accordance with the standards set in place by the vehicle manufacturer. When you buy a car, truck, van or SUV you typically receive some form of warranty, which is much more if the vehicle is new. These laws are in place to protect you, the consumer from entering into a bad deal where the vehicle cannot be repaired after only being driven a short distance or before the manufacturer’s warranty expires, but there are some things you need to know about the Lemon Law to help you in dealing with a manufacturer or dealership.

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Why Cars of Today are Safer than Those of Many Years Ago

01.09.16 - Automatic Braking System

Cars that are put on the market today have become increasingly safer to drive.  We have discussed the benefit of different driver assistance features on most of the cars we have on the market and with the fact that the automatic braking will be part of cars starting in 2019 as a standard feature there are still features of the cars we see today that create the ability for you to survive in a crash.  This doesn’t come from advanced electronics but from the structure put inside the car for the purpose of creating a way for you to survive.

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