2017 Audi A5: Midsized Luxury with Amazing Style

12.06.16 - Audi A5

When you want a car that’s perfect to drive there’s only one brand you should turn to. This brand is Audi and they have been doing something right for a long time. Yes, the Audi styling is elegant and sophisticated, yes the ride is smooth, confident and planted, but what they’ve done better than any other brand is create the interior style and comfort that makes a huge difference for you from behind the wheel. You spend all of your time in the cabin of your car, why shouldn’t that be in the best interior on the market today.

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Is Volkswagen in Hot Water Again?

11.22.16 - Audi A6

It hasn’t been that long, and all parts of the restitution aren’t even completed yet, since Volkswagen was found out and their diesel cars and SUVs were taken off the market. This affected Audi as well and to a lesser degree Porsche, but the 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter diesel engines from Volkswagen have caused a huge stink over the past year and the result is emissions that are severely over the allowable limit along with a costly program to reimburse those who have been wronged during this scandal, including the dealerships that lost sales because of this problem.

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2017 Audi Q5: Fewer Trims, but Still an Excellent Choice

11.14.16 - Audi Q5

The Audi lineup has felt some changes because of the Volkswagen debacle and for this new model year the Q5 will not have a diesel model but it also won’t have a hybrid version either. This year the Q5 will gives us a pair of great models to enjoy in the base Q5 and the SQ5 to give us the comfort and impressive style of the Audi interior to go along with the performance of the high end engine and suspension that we expect from an Audi model that has been one we’ve trusted for years.

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Audi May have a Tesla Fighter on the Way

10.28.16 - Audi A9 e-Tron

Tesla has an enormous target on itself and it seems as though every single automaker that develops an EV with reasonable range has Tesla in its sights. We’ve seen the new model from Chevrolet, the Bolt that will be able to give us a 200 mile range on a single charge which will compete directly with the Tesla Model 3 when it arrives, but so far we haven’t seen anything brought the market that’s able to compete with the Model S and what Tesla has to offer with this luxury car that’s built to be able to be upgraded.

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Audis We Have Loved

07.08.16 - Audi Logo

Even though most of us typically celebrate BMW and Mercedes-Benz as the leaders in the German market for luxury and performance you can’t discount Audi. Audi has been an admirable luxury brand for many years and given us some of the cars we have loved over the years. The Audi brand is part of the Volkswagen Group and has been able to deliver us a lineup of vehicles that have some of the best interiors and most enjoyable performances on the market today. Here are some of the coolest Audi models we have ever enjoyed over the time the brand has been on the market.

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Pickup Truck or Luxury Car?

06.02.16 - 2016 Audi A6

When faced with this dilemma the first thing you have to know is what your lifestyle calls for. Do you spend most of your time driving in traffic before and after work? Do you work in an office and wear a suit to work? Sounds like you should choose the luxury car right? Maybe not. What if you like the idea of having a pickup truck with the added space of a truck bed that can be the perfect extended trunk? Are you going to give up a great deal of comfort in a pickup truck versus a luxury car, do you really have to make a choice like this?

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Even After Seven Years the A8 Looks Amazing

05.09.16 - 2016 Audi R8

You can often tell when an automaker is done working with a particular model. They tend to try and bleed every last bit of sales out of the model until they see they can’t get anything else from it, then there is a one year offering of a single trim that is packed full of everything that made that model great for many years. Not only do you see the development drop when it’s an older version of a vehicle but you also see less advertising for the car than before, making it more profitable and less of a drain on the numbers.

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What’s Better Than the Audi R8?

05.01.16 - 2017 Audi R8

At the top of the lineup for Audi we see the R8. This car has looks, it has style, you want to drive it, and it’s begging you to do so. The engine sounds mean and the interior feels amazing, you have all the gadgets and gizmos you could ever want and the car will toss in and out of turns in an expert manner. Even with all the amazing attributes the R8 has to offer us there just feels like there is something missing for 2016 that we will hopefully get to experience in 2017.

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Is it Time to Embrace Turbocharging

01.12.16 - 2015 Ferrari F12berlinetta

Turbocharging used to be a bad word and for those of us who are called purists it still is. The use of turbo to improve the power of a vehicle, which also improves the overall fuel mileage, seems to be rampant in the automotive world, especially for cars that are meant to be sports models. Thankfully, for those who love a naturally aspirated engine, there are still some great cars to drive when it comes to actual horsepower from these engines that seem to be dying out. Here are several that you can find and still enjoy the old-school charm of cars that are powered by a more original form of propulsion.

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Power Must Be Had

2016 Audi RS7

When you head to the top of the food chain of cars the need for more power and better luxury is certainly evident on many vehicles.  Audi has already been given the stamp of approval for their awesome interiors which have been touted as the best interiors in the automotive business, but the power under their cars can certainly be improved.  At least this must be the thought process when Audi chose to take two of its top performers and make them even better by adding the “Tim Taylor” to these cars by giving them more power.

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