Wagons are Cool

Wagons are Cool

The station wagon you might have seen in the National Lampoons movies or if you’re old enough, have ridden in when you were a kid was not cool at all. This was a large hunk of metal made to allow your family to cruise down the highway and figure out how to get from one place to another. Unless your driver was anything like Clark Griswold this was a car that was everything except an exciting ride on the road. This was a vehicle that was trusted to haul the cargo and the family to where you wanted to go, but it wasn’t fun to drive. Read more

If You Love BMWs

If you love BMWs

The BMW M3 has been known as the perfect driving machine for many years and it’s hard to argue with that claim. The M3 is a car that’s athletic, built with just the right balance of weight and power, gives you a dynamic steering system and suspension and is easily one of the most engaged with the road on the market. If you love the drive and the performance that BMW has to offer there is a place you need to go later this month to have the fun of witnessing what cars from this brand can and will do.

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The Number Game

The BMW Number Game

A lot of things in our lives revolve around numbers. We can choose a meal with them, dial our friends and family on the phone, figure out a budget, and pay for things. It’s all numbers; even computers speak in binary, which is numbers. While other car manufacturers are sitting around the board rooms and planning meetings trying to decide what to call their new car, BMW keeps it simple. Each one of their cars is part of a series, which is either named by letter, or a number, and buyers are able to shop for their preferred vehicle within that series. Pick a number.

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The Future of BMW is in the i of the Beholder

02.21.17 - BMW i8

Have you wondered when, if ever, BMW would put out another i model to go along with the i3 and i8? There has been talk of making this happen, but recent announcements lean toward more than just an i division sub brand, but a full electrification of the brand. BMW expects to take more than just a couple models to the electric powertrains but hopes to create an entire lineup of electric vehicles that offer the power and efficiency desired. To do this they have a few hurdles to jump over.

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2017 BMW X6: Coupe Style That’s Impressive

12.20.16 - BMW X6

There is a vehicle that offers you limited off road capabilities, a small amount of cargo and passenger space, and lacks sporty style but is still one of our favorites to drive on the road. This vehicle is the BMW X6 and it is a baffling model to be sure. This SUV has a tall ride height, but looks like a car that’s been lifted, much like the Subaru Outback. It does offer you the impressive AWD and sleek fastback style that makes it a vehicle you can enjoy driving on any road, and with the BMW badge at the front, you know the drive will be a majority of the appeal of this SUV.

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2017 BMW 3 Series: The Car You Have to Drive

12.07.16 - BMW 3 Series

If you have a bucket list it’s probably filled with things you’d like to do but may be out of reach. While you work on filling that list with items that are dreams, there is something that should be on that list which is achievable right now. You need to drive the BMW 3 Series in any model form and enjoy the car that brought the term Ultimate Driving Machine to the BMW name. This car is the perfect entry level sports luxury car that you can have in a variety of forms to have the right drive for you.

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2017 BMW X5: Amazing Midsized SUV Luxury

12.06.16 - BMW X5

BMW does a great job of building vehicles that we want to drive. If you own a BMW and you aren’t excited to drive there’s something wrong with how you’re driving it because the BMW brand is exceptional to drive and lots of fun on the road. When you need a midsized luxury SUV to drive, BMW offers you the impressive ride of the BMW X5 which is called, by them, a sports-active vehicle to remind you this is a vehicle that’s been built to be driven and for you to enjoy the ride.

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What’s the Hold Up for 2017 Diesel BMW Models?

09.16.16 - BMW Headquarters

There’s no doubt that expected delays and added scrutiny would be in place after the Volkswagen diesel scandal of last year. Any diesel powered vehicle would have to pass more stringent and comprehensive testing by the EPA and other agencies who also received a black eye for allowing Volkswagen to have vehicles on the road that could defeat the emissions testing needed for vehicles to be sold in the US. Because of these expected delays it seems the diesel models from BMW aren’t able to be sold yet, but there’s more to this story than it seems.

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Your M3 Didn’t Start Out as a Road Car

09.12.16 - 2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3

Do you know what the M3 was originally made for? It was a car that was specially designed as a homologation to be entered into a specific racing series. This car was to participate in the World European and German Touring Championship (DTM) and eventually developed into something much larger. In fact, the fact that the 3-Series was chosen over other models is significant of the balance and prestige this car had already earned, but now that the M3 has been around a while we might have something to celebrate.

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2017 BMW 6 Series: Uniquely Similarly Different

09.01.16 - 2017 BMW 6 Series

The beauty of the way BMW puts a vehicle together and markets it is simply poetic in nature. Not only do they make some of the most active and enjoyable driving machines in the world, they also have a way of making each vehicle feel special. The 6 Series is a great example of this. There are three models for this car for 2017 and all three are uniquely different, but similar in many ways. As you know the 6 Series is a large coupe that makes it easy for you to enjoy the drive on any road and with such a large coupe you can cruise around in style and comfort.

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