Invest in the Longest Lasting Vehicles on the Road

Invest in the longest lasting vehicles on the road like the Toyota Avalon.

Vehicles that last a long time offer us a value that extends well beyond the loan you might have gotten on the car. When you take a vehicle and start driving from the time the vehicle is new until it has well over 200,000 miles on the odometer you’re likely going to have driven this vehicle for a long time and for many years past the time when you’re paying the bank for the car you love.

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GM Brings Back the Redline Moniker for Nine Chevrolet Models

03.05.17 - Chevrolet Camaro Redline

Do you know what the Redline is when it comes to GM? For many of us something in our life has been called the Redline whether it only indicates the position on the tachometer where the rpm are higher than they should be or you are a Hot Wheels fan that collects the oldest models of the brand. For GM the Redline was a name given to Saturn models when the brand was around which indicated a higher performing version of the vehicles in the lineup. Chevrolet has recently brought back the Redline moniker and put it on nine of the models to give you what you want.

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It’s Just a Regular Car

01.22.17 - Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet has brought us a new car to the market and we’ve already been buying this car up faster than any other EV that’s come before it. That’s right, the new Chevy Bolt EV is a car that has captured our attention and makes a huge difference for us on the road and when it comes to fuel costs. This new car is changing the game for Chevrolet in order to give us a car that’s perfect for the ride and one that will make a difference in our driving. With a car that offers us up to 238 miles of electric range on a single charge Chevrolet wants more from the Bolt than any other EV has had in the past.

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The Transition in the Market Doesn’t Scare Chevrolet

01.10.17 - Chevrolet Malibu

Over the past several years we’ve seen the market of vehicles move from the sedans to the crossover SUV and recently this larger vehicle market have actually outsold the sedan market for the first time. Even though this is the case, Chevrolet isn’t backing away from their sedans at all as they continue to have confidence this segment of the market will give vehicles that are perfect for many drivers, considering this has typically been the largest segment of vehicles when it comes to sales. The thought is that it took a long time for the sales to grow to the point they were and it will take even longer for the sales to completely fade away.

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Now Your Camaro will be a Little Cheaper

11.14.16 - Chevrolet Camaro

Don’t tell me you don’t love a great deal. When you want to buy a vehicle you know you look for value and try hard to get the most you can for your money, which is exactly what you should do. With this in mind, one company has taken their sports car and made it even more affordable for you so that you can have a car that’s what you expect it to be but comes in at a price that’s a little lower than it was last year. Amazingly, this company is Chevrolet and the car in question is the Camaro.

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2017 Chevrolet Malibu: The Midsize Beauty

11.10.16 - 2017 Chevrolet Malibu

Over the years there have been a lot of transitions for the auto industry, most of the time these changes start with the midsize sedan segment. This has been historically the most competitive segment of vehicles on the road to give us excellent vehicles to enjoy driving. At some points certain brands didn’t change as quickly as they could have and the models almost got left behind to be replaced by other versions. Thankfully Chevrolet has finally found a way to make the Malibu more stylish to not only catch up with the rest of the midsized sedan market, but surpass the rest of the group.

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The Torque Numbers You Want to Love

03.25.16 - 2016 Ford Mustang

In what list would you ever have a Pagani Huayra and a Chevrolet Spark? Not very many at all, but this list is different than most. While we all love to talk about the horsepower a car has the torque is just as important and in some cases more important than the horsepower. With that in mind how many cars will bring you more torque than horsepower? Only a few will bring you numbers that are higher for the twist than for the forward grunt, but this list shows you those cars and the fact you can find a car in many categories that offers the drivability torque provides.

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What does an Economy Car Mean to You

2016 White Fiat 500

Typically the title or description of Economy Car brings to mind the thought of a set of hamsters under the hood on bicycles or at least something close to that for power.  Normally you think of these cars and shudder wondering what you have to compromise on in order to have a car that will be the commuter mobile for you to drive.  While many economy class cars are not powerful and have a negative feeling associated with them it’s important for you to see there are some economy class cars that are actually great to drive; here are some for you to consider.

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2016 Chevrolet Colorado:  The Midsized Truck You Want

2016 Chevrolet Colorado

When it came back on the market the Chevrolet Colorado did not offer a diesel engine at all but now it does.  For this new model year the Colorado not only ups the selections with the diesel but also increases the towing to 7,700 pounds and brings in even better fuel mileage.  All this might be a bit boring so the Colorado also adds the Apple CarPlay, a new off road package known as the “Trail boss” and plenty of great safety and driver assistance features.  The Colorado is certainly not a boring midsized truck you have to settle for but a great workhorse that gives you good fuel mileage and a lot of awesome features to love and enjoy. Read more

When Car Should Just Stay Cancelled

Lincoln Zephyr

In the automotive world we see a massive amount of vehicles that are cancelled each year and sometime these cars are able to make a comeback to have another successful run.  Normally cars are cancelled because of sluggish sales and a lack of manufacturer interest in upgrading and improving the model.  For some of these vehicles the result is a massive amount of success at the comeback such as what we see the Camaro and Challenger experiencing but at other times the car should be left in the discard pile and not brought back.  Let’s take a look at seven cars that should have been left in that discard pile. Read more

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