2017 Chrysler Pacifica: A New Minivan

07.04.16 - 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler has done away with the Town & Country name and brought back the Pacifica. This used to be an SUV, but now it’s the most advanced minivan on the market and the perfect place for you to offer your family a great ride on any road. The Pacifica offers luxury styling and features that you tend to not find anywhere else in the market. This is the minivan that has the right stuff to be the partner with Google for self-driving technology, but until that becomes a reality you can certainly enjoy the wonderful driving capabilities of the Pacifica.

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Concept Cars That Turned Out to be Duds

2013 Corolla Furia

Is it a stud or is it a dud?  That is as simple as the question gets but for many automakers this is what faces them when they are ready to take a car from concept to production.  The idea behind a particular car is sometimes more enticing and alluring than the car itself.  Other times we see production models that have too many problems right from the start, causing the manufacturer to need to go back and try again.  There are still several auto shows yet to take place this year and many of the concepts offered may be case studies that are being done to gauge reaction while others are possibly the answer an automaker thinks they have for previous problems.  Take a look at these concepts that turned out to be duds and see if you see a few duds coming out of the upcoming auto shows. Read more