Can You Have Fun at Under 200 Horsepower?

2015 Fiat 500 Abarth Driving

For a vast majority of us, we will never drive a car that is our own that has over 200 horsepower. There are a few reasons we are going to be left out of the high-powered class of vehicles. First of all, most of us will certainly scoff at the idea of spending the money on a car that offers a high horsepower number because the shear price tag turns us away. Second is the lack of need, what will this additional horsepower be for and where can we drive it, so with practicality in mind it just doesn’t make sense. Third is fuel mileage. Less power typically equates to better fuel mileage, making it an easy choice between the two as we don’t want to be pumping gas 3-4 times a week for our power hungry V8 beast.

Because of all these reasons doesn’t it make sense to have something fun to drive that falls in our range of driving? Certainly many car manufacturers feel that way and offer several models that are both fun to drive and fall in the under 200 horsepower club to give us the fuel mileage (at least most of them) that we desire. Read more

Chassis and Bodywork that is Simply Amazing

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Before you click over to the next article, take a minute and give me a few paragraphs of a chance.  Normally talking about a chassis or bodywork would be boring and left up to only those who enjoy the technical part of a car as much as the overall look and feel of driving, but we are talking about the new 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 which is exciting from every single angle you can find. Read more

Heading South of the Border for Car Production

Car Production in Mexico

Ford announced recently it will invest $2.5 billion to build and new engine and transmission plant in Mexico. It may or may not surprise you to know Ford has actually been in Mexico for 90 years so far and currently produces several cars in the region including the Fiesta, Fusion Hybrid, Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. This new plant will bring an additional 3,800 jobs to the market in a country where Ford already employs 11,300 people. This is not a new idea, but one that is being seen more and more with automakers. Read more

Who is Revolutionizing AWD Systems?

Ford Focus RS AWD

Starting this discussion we have to look at what automakers have the greatest reputation for their AWD systems and the first name that comes to mind is Subaru. As the king of AWD systems, Subaru puts them in just about every model they build. Of course there is Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all with great AWD systems in the luxury class, but so many of us are unable to shop in the luxury realm that these don’t affect us at all. What might not be expected is a dynamic and new AWD system to be found from one of America’s Big Three, Ford.

Yes, Ford has created an AWD system that will blow the minds of Subaru and the luxury makers and the idea is actually a very simple one. The shocking part is not really that it comes from Ford; they did create a truck with an all-aluminum body after all, but that it’s found in one of the most popular cars on the market, the Ford Focus. While the Focus is highly popular, a majority of them are daily commuter cars, but the Ford Focus RS shows us that that engineers and designers at Ford know how to have some fun too.

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A Ford F-150 Raptor, Done Shelby Style

Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor

For serious truck power you might consider moving up from the F-150 to the Raptor version to gain some amazing performance and power improvements. A truck of this caliber offers the style of a rugged and rough outdoorsman along with the power to back up everything someone could throw its way. Why on earth would anyone want to go a step further? Because they can, that’s why.

Introducing the new Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor to quench every thirst for truck power and performance. When Shelby chose to take the Raptor and make it even more who could have guessed what they would do to make it so? By adding additional supercharges to the engine and adding handling features that improve the control Shelby has taken its performance car roots and applied them to the best-selling pickup truck around. Read more

Green Automotive Technology For 2015

2015 Chevy Impala

International Automotive Shows around the country have inspired and intrigued consumers for the past few months. From crazy concept cars and latest technology to the new vehicle models you can expect to see on the road in a neighborhood near you soon, audiences have been delighted by what they have seen so far. So what can we expect in 2015 for “green” or environmentally friendly technology in our cars and trucks?

BMW is offering their i8 Hybrid Plug-in Powertrain. This sports car has two separate powertrains and can be driven one at a time, or simultaneously. The front wheels are powered by a 96-kilowatt electric motor, while the rear tires are fueled by a turbocharged 231 horsepower gas engine. BMW is also debuting their i3 Rex Range Extender which is a 2 cylinder gas engine that powers a generator to add 80 plus miles to the cars 90 miles of electric range.

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American Muscle in a Comfortable Skin Defines the 2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang Reveal

When the galloping pony shows itself on the front of the Mustang what do you feel? Are you a bit nostalgic about a Mustang you might have had many years ago or do you feel excited to see your first Mustang and are ready for the ride? Regardless of your feeling for the Mustang after fifty years of production the Mustang offers a huge performance increase over previous models and comes in a look that really does offer a throwback to the Mustangs of yesteryear. One of the major bennies for the Mustang over its rivals the Challenger and Camaro is the comfortable interior that lets owners know Ford did not forget about comfort when adding a great deal of amazing performance features. Read more

Ford Shows off the New GT at the Detroit Auto Show

Ford GT Supercar

Many of us dread Monday mornings. It signifies the end of the weekend which could have and hopefully was full of amazing adventure, company, activity and fun. One thing weekends are not full of is our jobs which we happily left on Friday in order to enjoy some much needed downtime. Mondays were so notoriously dreaded that Jim Davis had Garfield hating them throughout the cartoon’s long run with something bad happening to him each Monday. Read more

Ford’s New F-150: Still the Reigning Champion?

2015 Ford F-150

For many years, Ford’s F-150 has been the truck to beat on the bestsellers lists, and it looks as though the newly remodeled F-150 is retaining the crown.   This is fantastic news in the automotive community considering this is going to be the first model released with the new body style. Given the massive redesign, there have been a plethora of doubters regarding the future of the truck’s popularity.

The overhaul of the former model features an aluminum body, in an effort to lighten up the nearly three ton pickup. The switch-up has been both highly contested and lauded as the potential future of vehicles. Due to shaving off almost 1000 pounds, the new F-150 boasts an impressive 25MPG, an upswing from the mileage the often accompanies driving a truck. With a company whose motto has been “Built Ford Tough”, the redesign has critics questioning “Really?”

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Who’s Got Horsepower?


Horsepower is always a great topic to discuss, the more the horsepower the faster your car is capable of going. Owners and enthusiast who enjoy sports cars often begin their discussion with comparisons of horsepower and torque numbers to see who has the most of either or both or a combination of the two. Well, here is a list of the top ten high horsepower sports cars meant to delight and enthuse those who love to talk about high powered machines. Read more

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