Is Lexus Boring?

01.18.16 - Lexus LC 500

Lexus has been a leader in the luxury car world for many years, but several years ago the CEO started to receive letters telling him the cars were boring. He agreed with this assessment of the Lexus cars and decided he would do what is needed to keep the word boring out of sentences that described the Lexus models. Shortly after this announcement Lexus brought in the first GS sedan that featured the spindle grill and the basking shark intakes while also offering some great looking curves. This was a new look, but somehow this new look caused Lexus to lose its leader position in the market to the likes of Mercedes- Benz, BMW and Audi.

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Great Vehicles for Grads

College Graduation Cars

It’s that time of year again where we come close to the end of a school year and many high school and college grads will get many great graduation gifts to celebrate their achievements and a transition to the next step of their lives.  For those graduates some will receive  vehicles as the graduation gift from parents or grandparents, but what are some of the top choices to give graduates in order for them to have a fantastic vehicle that won’t cost them an arm and a leg to either insure or operate. Read more

Super Bowl Car Ads that We Can’t Wait to See

BMW i3

Every year the Super Bowl offers a host of commercials for us to enjoy. Many are meant to entertain us and get us laughing at the antics and creativity that is found in these advertising spots. The Super Bowl Commercials have become so big there is even betting in Vegas regarding what companies will have how many spots along with discussions around many water coolers the next day in offices all over the country as to what commercials were thought to be the best, funniest, sent a great message or were just a lot of fun.

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Lexus Flagship SUV, the LX, Stands Tall and Rides Well

2015 Lexus LX

Many luxury SUVs don’t make it off the paved roads to head out and venture into the wilderness or go down trails that some want to traverse. Most of the time they spend their days driving on highways and city streets to be admired by many and enjoyed by owners who are basking in the luxury. The Lexus LX is an SUV that offers the pleasure of driving in a high end luxury SUV along with having the benefit of being able to head off road whenever needed. As the flagship vehicle in the SUV class for Lexus it is built to impress and offers high end features, excellent ground clearance and plenty of off road capability to go along with a 7,000 pound towing capacity.

In a world where SUVs have typically gotten smaller and less capable, the Lexus LX has stayed large and in charge with size and capability that are in place for owners to take this big beast out for a drive just about anywhere they want to go. For 2015 the Lexus LX adds the Siri Eyes-Free compatibility for the iPhone 4S and 5 smartphones. With that being the only real change to this already excellent vehicle, the LX makes a great choice for anyone who needs the size and capabilities of a big SUV.

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Fuel Efficient Convertibles for 2015

2015 Audi TT Convertible

A long daily commute, the desire to take a weekend cruise, or even just for the fun of it, no matter what the reason someone purchases a convertible car over the choice of one that has a full roof enjoyment and desire are obvious. Cars that have a top that folds down and disappears have always turned heads and offered a desire to enjoy the windswept feeling offered by a convertible.

For the 2015 model year, and with rising gas prices, having a convertible that offers a decent amount of fuel efficiency makes perfect sense to stay on the road longer and enjoy the freedom and feeling. Here are the ten most fuel efficient convertibles when mated to an automatic transmission for the new model year for owners to enjoy. Read more