Reducing the Price on a Mini Clubman

08.02.16 - 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman

Do you want a car that shows you a style that is a signature of Britain and appears to have jumped out at you from several decades ago? If you do the price of any of the Mini models might shock you. While Mini is a brand that does deliver on the promise of great looking vehicles and a wide range of choices, you do have to admit they seem a bit pricy compared to what you can buy at the same size from nearly every other brand. Even though you could say “you pay for the name” I don’t see Mini as a luxury brand, making this a moot argument.

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What does an Economy Car Mean to You

2016 White Fiat 500

Typically the title or description of Economy Car brings to mind the thought of a set of hamsters under the hood on bicycles or at least something close to that for power.  Normally you think of these cars and shudder wondering what you have to compromise on in order to have a car that will be the commuter mobile for you to drive.  While many economy class cars are not powerful and have a negative feeling associated with them it’s important for you to see there are some economy class cars that are actually great to drive; here are some for you to consider.

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Weight Up and Down

2016 Yellow KIA Soul

For years cars have gotten heavier because the new technology installed adds more heft to a vehicle, especially when you add a battery pack to a hybrid.  In the past few years many automakers have worked to bring some of these weights down for the purpose of maximizing power and adding more fuel efficiency.  You can enjoy more from a car with lower weight from every aspect, more power, more performance and certainly better fuel mileage and automakers can offer you smaller engines to increase the fuel mileage even more.  To go along with that when a car is lighter and has turbochargers attached to the engine the horsepower can match higher cylinder numbers with smaller engines, giving us the best of both worlds. Read more

A Redesigned Mini Clubman

2016 Mini Clubman

Showing up later this year will be a new Clubman. For those of you who remember or (God forbid) drive the older Clubman, this new version is a huge step up from the first attempt from Mini at a station wagon with the dimensions that Mini offers. This new Clubman will do away with many of the strange features the old one offered such as the rear hinged suicide door on only one side of the car and the size that was so small it could not be taken seriously as a station wagon in any country, let alone in the US. Read more

Zippy and Sippy: Sports Cars with the Best Gas Mileage

Tesla Model S

Sports cars turn our heads, cause us to feel great inside with the awesome power and advanced aerodynamics that are onboard. Made for speed and performance many times sports cars are not thought of as fuel efficient. In fact many sports car owners own them for their power and precision in performance, but there exists a list of sports cars in specific models that offer a good amount of fuel efficiency to allow them to be economically used as daily driver cars and not just left in the garage for the weekends or special occasions. Read more