Invest in the Longest Lasting Vehicles on the Road

Invest in the longest lasting vehicles on the road like the Toyota Avalon.

Vehicles that last a long time offer us a value that extends well beyond the loan you might have gotten on the car. When you take a vehicle and start driving from the time the vehicle is new until it has well over 200,000 miles on the odometer you’re likely going to have driven this vehicle for a long time and for many years past the time when you’re paying the bank for the car you love.

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Smart Proximity Makes Things Easier for You

05.12.17 - This Image is Barely Related to the Article

When you own a newer model vehicle you want to be able to enjoy newer features and know that you can have the right way to get the job done even if that job is only as simple as opening the door and starting the engine. The use of items that are called proximity keys has made it possible to leave the keys in your pocket or your purse and get going on the road without ever taking the key out and putting it in the door to open, pushing a button on the fob or turning the key inside.

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Project Portal to Produce Insane Acceleration

05.01.17 - Toyota Project Portal

The purpose of building the Project Portal concept trucks is to allow Toyota to show off a fuel cell powered big rig that could replace the diesel powered models on the road in the future. This big truck has been tested and is offered with impressive power that can outperform most of the Class 8 trucks on the road. While this might not have been the first thought from Toyota when they introduced this truck and have started the feasibility study in California, but this is easily one of the most impressive factors offered with this new big rig.

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Toyota C-HR is a Prius-like SUV for Fun

12.28.16 - Toyota C-HR

The C-HR is a compact crossover SUV that has been in the plans for nearly a decade but has finally made its way to the market to be a new model from Toyota. This model was originally going to be part of the now deleted Scion brand, which is possibly why it has been delayed until now. Strangely enough, the Japanese press was the last, or at least it felt that way, in the world to know this little SUV was on its way to the market, even though there are already 29,000 preorders for this little SUV in Japan.

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2017 Toyota Tundra: Obviously Powerful

12.20.16 - Toyota Tundra

When you want a truck that gives you the strength you need and a larger size than the rest of the trucks on the market, the Tundra from Toyota makes a compelling case for itself. This big half-ton truck is one that offers you an amazing reliability record, impressive resale value and the equipment you need to have a fantastic ride wherever you need to go. If you need a great truck that can be both a great truck to drive with your family and to be the one you have for work, the Tundra is the truck for you.

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2017 Toyota 86: The New Sleek and Sporty Toyota Model

11.15.16 - Toyota 86

There’s no way Toyota was going to allow Scion to be no more and not take on some of the models that have performed well for the brand and put them under the Toyota name. One of the favorites for many years from Scion was the FR-S and now it is rebadged to be the Toyota 86. This name comes from the Corolla GT-S from the mid-1980s that used the designation of AE86 and now that it’s part of the Toyota lineup we get to enjoy this model as part of the parent brand for 2017.

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2017 Toyota RAV4: Still Leading the Way

11.03.16 - 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE

The vast pool of compact SUVs has grown over the years and the RAV4 has been around for most of them. This is an SUV that continues to be impressive with its excellent styling, impressive AWD system and diving manners that make a huge difference on and off the road. When you add in the fact that this model comes from Toyota, a leader in all things reliable and dependable, you have a vehicle that you know will continue to be there for you to give you the performance you want from the time you buy it until it’s time to say goodbye to this SUV many years later.

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2017 Toyota Sienna: Reliability in Minivan Form

10.20.16 - 2017 Toyota Sienna

Standing on the side of the road because your vehicle broke down isn’t so bad when it’s just you or just you and your spouse, but when you have a whole family that becomes stranded this can be a serious challenge to keep everyone happy during this time of crisis. In order to avoid this problem you need to have a vehicle that carries a stellar reliability record, which makes the Toyota Sienna a fantastic choice when you need a new minivan for the family to fit in and love the ride.

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Others have done it, Why Not Toyota?

10.14.16 - 1998 Toyota Supra

One of the cars that has come from Toyota in the history of the company that we talk about and long for its return is the Supra. This car was the sports car that everyone wanted to drive, tuners wanted to get their hands on and was able to win tons of awards when it was on the market. Unfortunately Toyota cancelled the Supra for several years and has only recently revealed that a successor to the Supra is what we will have on the market again in the near future.

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Two New Recalls for Toyota

07.20.16 - Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda

While the Takata air bag recall has affected every automaker in one way or another Toyota is handling a different kind of airbag recall from a different manufacturer. As the largest single car company in the world it’s no surprise Toyota has to deal with recalls that reach the millions of vehicles on a regular basis. For these two recalls Toyota is having vehicles recalled for airbags and for faulty fuel emissions controls. These two recalls affect a wide variety of vehicles in many parts of the world, but so far the good news is neither one has caused an accident, injury or fatality.

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