It Looks Like the Golf but…

It Looks Like the Golf but

Volkswagen is looking for every way possible to enter the EV market and begin to bring us a complete lineup of vehicles that are built to provide us with some of the most advanced technology and impressive ways to enjoy the ride. Whether the EV technology, the charging systems offered is or another mobility solution, the team at Volkswagen has their collective eye on the future and it appears to be bright. They’ve begun to develop vehicles that we absolutely want to have when it’s time to see what comes on the market in the future.

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Making Room for the Next Step: Volkswagen Atlas

Making Room for the Next Step: Volkswagen Atlas.

The Volkswagen brand is one that has been admired and respected for several decades and they have had an intuitive way of offering us more of what we want on the market for several years. We love the sedan and hatchbacks offered and even admire the SUVs that have made their way to the market. Recently Volkswagen has announced the want to expand their SUV offerings in the US. This makes perfect sense because the SUV market was the best-selling segment last year, but a recent announcement may leave us scratching our collective heads a bit.

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The Right Move for 2018 by Volkswagen

03.03.17 - Volkswagen Tiguan

While the VW brand is working toward the electrification of their lineup they can’t deny the success that’s been part of the US market for SUVs over the past several years. Because of this success the brand has redesigned and remade the Volkswagen Tiguan for 2018 and has recently shown it off at the North American International Auto Show. this new SUV is growing by being longer and more capable to attract a larger audience of shoppers that would love to have this SUV for their daily driving duties. This new version of the SUV will continue to make good use of the space and convenience offered while providing the performance agility and value we want to enjoy.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack: A New Car to Bring the Wagon Back

01.03.17 - Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

We know all about the Volkswagen Golf and have admired it for many years. The Golf has had a variant on the market in the form of the SportWagen that was made to be a wagon that we would love. This version of the Golf is admirable and enjoyable, but not quite what we want when we’re looking for a vehicle that has the ground clearance of an SUV but the size and cargo space of the SportWagen. In comes the Golf Alltrack which is built on the same platform but feels like a tiny and squat SUV for us to drive.

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Is Volkswagen in Hot Water Again?

11.22.16 - Audi A6

It hasn’t been that long, and all parts of the restitution aren’t even completed yet, since Volkswagen was found out and their diesel cars and SUVs were taken off the market. This affected Audi as well and to a lesser degree Porsche, but the 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter diesel engines from Volkswagen have caused a huge stink over the past year and the result is emissions that are severely over the allowable limit along with a costly program to reimburse those who have been wronged during this scandal, including the dealerships that lost sales because of this problem.

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Holding an Important Place for Volkswagen

11.21.16 - Volkswagen e-Golf

Even though we were presented with the new Volkswagen ID which will be the next generation of electric vehicles from the brand that has undergone a huge amount of scrutiny because of the recent diesel scandal the current electric model has a place that needs to be kept. Volkswagen needs to continue to be a brand that has success and is trusted as one of the leaders in the market for EV models. Because of this it’s important that the current e-Golf pave the way for the new ID to be ready to be the right EV model for us to enjoy.

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The Golf Alltrack is Aimed at Subaru

10.27.16 - 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

For years the only name you wanted to think about after Jeep when it comes to off road capability has been Subaru. Today that has changed and it changes with a brand and model we’re familiar with, but with a new built that will make a huge difference. This new build and model are the new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack which is a wagon shaped small SUV that’s built off the Golf platform and is shoved into the Golf lineup. While this vehicle may not appear to fit in with the off road capable SUVs, it will give you a huge surprise and let you head off the beaten path whenever you want.

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The Hot Hatch Choice

10.19.16 - 2016 Volkswagen Golf R

We’ve seen many automakers working to have some outstanding performance come from their smaller vehicles and that makes perfect sense. While the drive of a 707 horsepower Hellcat sounds like a lot of fun, it’s not very practical at all. Instead, you can choose a hot hatch that will be perfect for your driving needs and give you the ability to know it’s a practical choice to drive on any road and make into your daily driver. Two of the most admired models on the market today are the Ford Focus RS and the Volkswagen Golf R which both offer some amazing performance and the drive you want to enjoy on the road, but which one will be right for you.

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The Next Step in the VW Diesel Emissions Scandal

07.16.16 - Volkswagen Logo

Now that we have a settlement filed its time for VW owners to learn how they can go about having their vehicles taken care of and made right for driving on the roads. The VW models which are equipped with either the 2.0-liter TDI engine or the 3.0-liter version are known to emit up to as much as forty times the allowable emissions when driving. These vehicles are equipped with a defeat device that only turns on the emissions control system when the vehicle is being tested as learned last fall and now Volkswagen is ready to pay up; at least for some of the vehicles.

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Volkswagen is Fixing the Diesel Engines, Here’s Some Things to Know

06.22.16 - Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn

We have the news that Volkswagen is ready to finally put this entire diesel engine scandal behind them and move on. In order to do this there are several things Volkswagen has to do in order to not only begin to earn our trust back but to also move forward by fixing what they have already done wrong. As with any time a company has intentionally led the public astray, Volkswagen has to ensure their vehicles will be able to meet or exceed the standards for emissions going forward and not just during testing. Here are some things you should know about this settlement that was reached.

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