Celebrating an Anniversary in a Big Way

07.12.16 - Ferrari Logo

The job of selecting the right way to celebrate an anniversary is one that can be a task that becomes a full time job for some people. The commitment it takes to be in any relationship for the long haul and last the test of time, tribulations, hardships and even success is one that should be celebrated, especially when the number creeps up near the century mark. One such automotive company has an anniversary they want to celebrate the right way, even though they are still thirty years way from reaching three digits.

Ferrari will celebrate their 70th anniversary this year and has some huge plans up its sleeves. Backing up a little, Ferrari had previously announced it would increase production by nearly thirty percent by the 2019 model year, which has caused some concerns for current Ferrari owners who want to continue to enjoy the exclusivity the brand offers. In reality this boost in production won’t cause the brand to be saturated at all, considering most of the models are only built in short supply to begin with, so current owners can relax knowing their cars are still going to be a part of the rarified air Ferrari loves to live in.

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary the right way there will be special edition models built across the entire lineup to offer us some cars that are made to represent the best Ferrari has had to offer us over the past seven decades. Even though the actual numbers haven’t been revealed yet, the expectation is that Ferrari will produce 350 of these special edition cars which should break down to be seventy of each model, the California T convertible, 488GTB, 488 Spider, F12berlinetta and GTC4Lusso. These five are the chosen quintet to receive the new special models.

How did Ferrari come up with the new special edition models? Think about this for a task; Enrico Galliera, the marketing and commercial head of Ferrari was tasked with looking back over the 70-year history of the company and choosing the most iconic parts of the cars that have carried the prancing pony logo for the past seven decades. I have no doubt this was a grueling and time consuming task that Galliera had to take on, causing him many sleepless nights as he mulled over what parts to have on the cars that would be the special edition models to celebrate the anniversary in style.

Actually the selection process involved a team of experts who all took this journey back through the history of the company that Enzo Ferrari began. The goal was to find the most iconic exteriors and interiors to be the features that would somehow be included on the models we see today in order to inspire these special edition models. There is no doubt in my mind the selection process was a joy of looking through the history of the company to find the right items to be included on these cars.

Although we haven’t seen what these new cars look like just yet, we can only imagine what they may have. You could see some 1960s inspired exteriors, steering wheels or even seats in one of these new models. Not only can Ferrari reach back to some of the most iconic cars ever made, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they include racing parts and looks to give us a series of throwback cars that are more than capable of continuing to capture our imagination and being some of our favorite models ever created.

For those concerned about the increased production goals of Ferrari, they can relax and lineup for one of these great new models that have already been announced to the 100 owners who competed in the Ferrari Cavalcade in Venice. For the rest of us we will have to wait until October to see these new models at the Paris Auto Show, but you can be certain this will be one amazing reveal that will take our collective breath away.

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