Chassis and Bodywork that is Simply Amazing

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Before you click over to the next article, take a minute and give me a few paragraphs of a chance.  Normally talking about a chassis or bodywork would be boring and left up to only those who enjoy the technical part of a car as much as the overall look and feel of driving, but we are talking about the new 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 which is exciting from every single angle you can find.

This Mustang is a track focused ferocious monster that shows off with dynamic Shelby features and offers a power and performance that makes us smile easily and brings back thoughts of the Shelby days of old when Carroll Shelby himself would help create these awesome cars.  Even so, the difference between this car winning on the track or another could come down to aerodynamics and how air flows over the body or how well the chassis holds up under stress, which is what we are going to discuss today with several reasons this areas of the car deserves this much attention.

New Nose

The front track of the car is 1.4-inches wider than the old one and to offset this difference the hood angle is lower.  In fact everything forward of the doors is changed to accommodate this wider track except the headlights although they are set about an inch lower than before.

Fender Flairs

The fenders now have vents to extract hot air from the engine bay, but also to create a transition from the fenders to the doors.  This gave the perfect gap to put the vents and allow the air to flow, a great combination of design and function.

A Harder Nose

The front grill surround is made to increase the overall stiffness of the car.  Not only that, it shows up a bit lighter because it is made of carbon-fiber composite instead of any type of metal.

Subtle Aerodynamics

To keep the Mustang looking like a Mustang and not ruining the appearance with a large spoiler, Ford added a Gurney strip on the rear which helps to give the car more downforce and improve aerodynamics.  The airflow is directed through and underbelly tray and through the rear diffuser to give a better flow with less resistance as well.

Function over Form

The entire car was built to function together and not have any parts that are simply there for looks.  That makes the Shelby 350GT a full exercise in function as each and every piece plays a part in making this car perform perfectly.

The Engine Sounds Like a Mustang

Because the car uses a flat V8 format Ford was concerned it might sound like a Ferrari, but instead it sounds like a Mustang.  It doesn’t sound like it wants to just waste gas, but instead wants to use every drop to scream around the track and show off with awesome performance.

It’s a Free Runner

Many cars are limited at their top speed electronically, but not this one.  There is not electronic limit and this new Mustang will be able to only be limited by the track, elements, the driver and itself when it heads out to the track for a great run.

An Animated Suspension

This is the first time Ford has ever used MagneRide for its suspension and it is certain to handle the task extremely well.  This system is similar to the one found on GM products and other high end performance vehicles and its high time the Mustang played along.  The MagneRide system will help keep the steering, acceleration, pitch, yaw and damping in check as well as working in concert with the throttle, ABS, and traction and stability control.

Stats to Brag About

Not a chassis or body element, but the inclusion of digital readouts to show you a variety of driving data will allow you to boast to your friends at the track.

Control Deactivation

Many drivers need the traction and stability controls to keep the car in check on a track, but those who are professionals or want to give it a go can deactivate these systems with a push of a button and then test the car well beyond the limits that were previously in place.

Darkened Wheels

The darkness only has one purpose, to hide the brake dust.  The large brake pads used help give the Mustang Shelby 350 GT a shorter stopping distance, but kick up so much brake dust an owner will spend a lot of time cleaning wheels; problem solved.

Stopping Power

With 15.5 inch diameter two-piece rotors up front and 15 inchers in the rear the stopping is massive from the six-piston Brembo brakes up front and four-piston in the rear.  The only question was why not use carbon-ceramics, which was answered by a desire to keep the price down wherever possible and this was one of those possibles.

Fresh Tires

This Mustang uses Michelin Pilot Sport tires that are designed to give the best performance and were specifically optimized for this car.

Track Tested and Honed

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was tested and refined at several track including Grattan, VIR, Calabogie, Sebring, Chuckwalla and of course Nerburgring.

No Added Bracing

Because the base model of the Mustang already has a very strong structure no additional bracing was needed, which helped to keep the weight down and allow the car to show off the best performance possible.

Optional Track Pack

The Track Pack adds auxiliary coolers for the engine, transmission and differential which allows the car to be more aggressive on the track than ever before.


The Mustang as always is made to be a comfortable car that you can take anywhere including the track.  This means the seats are not only great for the track, but enjoyable when you head out for dinner.

With all of these amazing features and not even one mention of the engine or the steering systems is very easy for you to see how the new Mustang Shelby GT350 is simply amazing from the start and will give you the most exciting ride you could ask for.

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