Chevrolet Spark Sales Are On The Rise

2015 Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark “sparked” an electric vehicle revolution when it first hit the streets and dealership lots. The compact mini car has consistently sold around 100 vehicles per month since its inception in June of 2013, but for the month of April 2015, the Chevrolet Spark sold 920 units. That is a huge increase from previous months. Some think the reason behind the jump in numbers is that Chevrolet and GM recently cut the price of the Spark to $25,999 in the 3 states that it is sold: Oregon, California, and Maryland.

Once the new lower pricing was announced, the 920 vehicles were sold in April, and then another 283 Spark EV’s sold in May. It is estimated by Chevrolet Miami that if the supplier could have kept up with the demand, numbers for May would have even grown higher. More than ⅓ of the 3,243 Spark electric vehicles were delivered in the months of April and May for the past 24 months. Powerful advertising by Chevrolet and GM has also pushed consumers to buy the Spark EV.

With green technology taking the forefront, and consumers becoming more and more earth conscious, it makes sense for GM to push forward and seed the ground with Spark EV so that they can position their 2017 Bolt EV model which is only 18 months away from hitting the road. This year’s Spark EV model use lithium ion cells developed by LG Chem, which is thought to be a more trusted supplier of batteries than the previous model years.

With the Spark EV being priced to move at $25,999 before any incentives are applied, there has never been a better time to buy an electric vehicle, namely, the Chevrolet Spark. Monthly leasing options start as low as $139, which makes the Spark EV a steal, not to mention, you don’t have to purchase any gasoline for the vehicle, and some stores offer free charging stations if you shop with them.

If you want a Spark EV, you had better move fast as suppliers cannot keep up with the demand. For the price, you can’t get a better deal on an electric vehicle, and GM isn’t stopping there. The Bolt will be out soon, and if it is anything like we have seen with the Spark’s sales, you may want to reserve a 2017 model with your local dealership before they hit the streets.


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