The Civic Coupe is a Mind Changer

02.15.17 - Honda Civic Coupe

Most of the time cars are defined by their most purchased model and body style. For many cars, such as the Honda Civic, that body style is the sedan and the model is the small but mighty 2.0-liter engine that’s offered. When an automaker takes a sedan and turn it into a coupe it’s not often that we feel the coupe is better or more of what we want, but the Honda Civic of this generation could change your mind and make it easy for you to understand the new coupe and what it offers you for the drive.

The beauty of the Civic Coupe comes in a couple different ways. When you start at the A-pillar and work forward, the car is identical to the sedan, but when you head backward you’re going to see some differences. First of all, the rear window is seated 0.8 inches lower than on the sedan and the Coupe as a whole is 5.4 inches shorter than the sedan, but every bit of the length lost is behind the rear wheels. This means the Coupe has the same wheelbase as the sedan which gives you the room you want and the rear stops sharply and in a dramatic fashion.

On the inside you have a cabin that simply has two fewer doors to get you inside. The cabin is essentially the same as the one for the sedan, making it easy to enjoy this car with its two-tone color scheme and features. As the car that most recently won awards from Kelley Blue Book for the technology offered, this is a car that you can enjoy riding in on the road. Because this is a coupe, access to the rear is a little more difficult and this car shouldn’t be considered your primary family vehicle, but if you are single or just a couple without children, this is a great choice in a car that’s sporty and easy to enjoy.

Mechanically you’d be disappointed if the coupe was exactly the same as the sedan and it’s not. The dampers are firmer, the agility is better and the ride is simple more engaging than in the sedan. This is what you want when you see the coupe and this is a car that offers you the comfort you want, the agility you need and the ride you desire on the road. This sharp little car can get the job done wherever you need to go and provide you with the ride you’ve been after.

When this car was tested it was put up against the Audi A3 to learn more about the handling of this car and it performed extremely well. You might not think that a vehicle built for its low price and affordability could compete with a vehicle that’s made to be a compact luxury sedan but the Civic rides nice and allows you to feel smooth on the road in a way that you might not expect from a car that comes in at this low price.

When you look to the Civic Coupe, if you want a bit more excitement on the road you need to have the 2.0-liter engine or the 1.5-liter turbocharged power plant with the six-speed manual transmission. This is a pairing that can make the Civic coupe feel more like a car that’s built for fun and excitement for you. This attractive car with the equipment you want, the dynamic ride you’re looking for and the features that make a difference is ready for you at your local Honda dealer now; come check it out and have a great ride.

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